How to solve Sonic Frontiers A Grave Mystery puzzle

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Sonic running across a grassy field in Sonic Frontiers.

Need a hand solving the Sonic Frontiers A Grave Mystery puzzle? While the opening sections of the latest Sonic game tend to be fairly forgiving, this environmental challenge is proving tough for players. As such, we'll help you out by explaining how to solve A Grave Mystery, so you can progress with your adventure.

In this Sonic Frontiers guide, we'll give you a detailed look at how to solve A Grave Mystery on the first instance. We'll also explain a little more about this puzzle, because it then recurs often as you explore this exciting new realm.

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How do I solve A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers?

To solve the puzzle entitled A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers, you have to align a grid of blue lasers into the correct order. It'll no doubt be the most challenging obstacle yet to your progression, so this is how to get past.

The first thing you'll notice is four stone pillars with a darker hue than the others. Your goal is to align the light beams to light up these pillars, so they're all lit at once.

The first step in A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.
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Firstly, head to the darkened pillar that sits towards the left of the bunch, and rotate it to about eleven o'clock. This will alight a zig-zag of lasers, letting you know you're on track.

The second step in A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.
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Next, select the rotatable pillar to the right of the screen. Move it clockwise until about eight o'clock, as the beam from the pillar above it shines to the western side. This should result in a solid laser beam heading just over halfway in the centre of the puzzle area.

The third step in A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.
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Then select the top pillar, and move it to about eight o'clock. From there, you'll want to go to the pillar the bottom of the screen, rotating it to seven o'clock. This should light up the majority of the centre, but there's still some tinkering to do.

The fourth step in A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.
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Now, take control of the left-hand pillar once more. Rotate it to just about ten o'clock. If that's in the right place, it causes the light to stretch across the top of this grid. After that, there's only one step left.

The final step in A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.
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Lastly, you'll want to handle the right-hand pillar again, rotating it to about nine o'clock. As you do so, the beam will click into place, flicker as seen in the image above, and then a solid flow will emerge that connects all four pillars with one static beam. With this, the puzzle is complete!

Sonic looking out at an island from a pillar in Sonic Frontiers.
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What is A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers?

A Grave Mystery is one of the early environmental puzzles you'll encounter in Sonic Frontiers. It may appear innocuous, but the rotation of these beams to create a solid light throughout them all is trickier than it may seem. Here's the official in-game description:

Among the many tombstones, there are black tombstones that can be turned. Turn these tombstones and point them in the right direction. The pattern on the ground may give a hint.

Pretty vague, right? Sonic Team clearly wants players to take a moment to figure this puzzle out, but given the high-speed nature of Sonic Frontiers, it's no surprise that many are finding the easiest way through.


What happens after completing A Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers?

After the laser beam connects and glimmers, you'll lose control of the puzzle. This is the game's way of telling you that A Grave Mystery is complete, letting you regain control of Sonic.

However, there doesn't seem to be any specific rewards granted once you complete it. Instead, it's simply a pre-requisite for continuing through the open world, amassing enough Portal Keys to explore more of the island region and finding your lost friends.

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