How to light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic performing a light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers

If you're looking to light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers, it's a lot easier than you might otherwise think. Sonic Frontiers doesn't explain all of its central traversal mechanics to the player, but this is actually one of the very earliest abilities you'll want to harness.

As well as going over what you need to know about the light dash ability, in this Sonic Frontiers guide we'll explain whether or not you can upgrade it, and how to get faster in Sonic Frontiers. As they say, gotta go fast.

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How to light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers

Light speed dash is available from the very start of the game. You simply have to walk up to a cluster of rings and click in the left analogue stick. Alternatively, you can find the key binding in the settings and change it to whatever works for your control setup.

Performing this move makes Sonic automatically sprint around the area to mop up any loose coins lingering around. If you've just been hit by an enemy and want to recoup your coins, this is the best way to do it. Equally, if you've seen an intricate group and don't want to fiddle with the left joystick to collect them, the light speed dash does it for you.

The game doesn't go out of its way to explain this to you at the very start, so it makes sense why players may not know.

Sonic running away from an enemy in Sonic Frontiers
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Can you upgrade the light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers?

Sadly, you can't directly upgrade the light speed dash in Sonic Frontiers. You can add it to your arsenal of skills, using it more efficiently, but it's not quite as simple as adding speed or greater coin yield to it.

You can continue to upgrade Sonic in other metrics, and that should help you when using the light speed dash ability. If you get faster, so will your skills.

How to move quicker in Sonic Frontiers

While you can't upgrade the light speed dash, you can use it alongside other skills to traverse the open world faster and more efficiently. There are two main ways you get quicker in Sonic Frontiers. The first is through the game's upgrade system. Breakable items and enemies will drop skill pieces throughout the game that can be spent to unlock new combat skills and moves. As well as this, you can find red and blue seeds through the game to upgrade your power and defence respectively.

The second major way to get quicker in Sonic Frontiers is to simply learn how the game works. With tonnes of little items to interact with and big open levels to explore, learning what everything does should help you do better. As you complete environmental puzzles in-game, new rails atop the landscape are unlocked. This lets you skim across regions more easily, ensuring you don't waste all your time sprinting around.

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