Sea of Thieves Return of the Damned event - Start date, gameplay, and rewards

A pirate holding a long sheet of tasks in Sea of Thieves

A pirate holding a long sheet of tasks in Sea of Thieves

In-game events are one of the most exciting things in any game. As such, it's no surprise that the Sea of Thieves Return of the Damned event is striking a huge chord with fans of the seafaring pirate game.

In this Sea of Thieves guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about Return of the Damned event. That includes what it is, when it begins, how to access it, and the type of gameplay you can expect to see within.

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What is the Sea of Thieves Return of the Damned event?

The foremost thing you should know is that Return of the Damned is the new major event in Sea of Thieves. It is a limited monthly event that lasts from November 3 to November 17. Therefore, you have only two weeks to get the exciting rewards tied to this event.

A pirate searching a beach at night in Sea of Thieves
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How do I start the Return of the Damned event in Sea of Thieves?

To access the event, you should head to the Adventures Tab located on the inventory menu. Here, you can track current adventures and learn about upcoming ones.

Once you're ready to begin, all you need to do is talk with Larinna. She can be found outside any tavern across the map. While speaking with her, select the option Begin Adventure. From there, you'll be in!

What does the Return of the Damned in Sea of Thieves event consist of?

The foremost thing you should know is that in the Return of the Damned, there are two sidesL Belle and Servant of the Flame. All your gameplay while completing this event depends only on which side you choose. Therefore, it is a much more important decision than it might seem at first glance.

The Servant of the Flame team is a dark side in Return of the Damned. They are eager to resurrect Capitan Flameheart. If they do it, the legendary villain will return to his physical body and be able to rule the Sea of Thieves again. If not, his soul will die entirely, and he will be ultimately defeated.

Belle and Captain Pendragon want to trap the Flameheart soul and prevent him from being resurrected. The only problem is that Captain Pendragon put his soul at stake. Therefore, if you lose, Pendragon will die, and you will never be able to return him.

Sea of Thieves Return of the Damned gameplay

A glowing pirate stood on a ship in Sea of Thieves
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Both teams are fighting for a mythic relic named Bewitching Doll. This doll is hidden somewhere across Phantom Sea Forts. Therefore, all seas around these spots will be turned into hazardous battlefields between the two sides during this event.

Your primary objective in this event is to complete the specific tasks given to you by leaders. You should complete all quests from both teams to get all limited rewards from this event. It is mainly cosmetic items, but they are special and worth your attention, and likely won't be accessible outside of this event.

Return of the Damned is a perfect chance to spend more time in Sea of Thieves and to get exclusive rewards. Be ready for plenty of combat and you should complete the objectives fairly easily!

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