How to Defeat Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves

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The Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawlers swam in as part of the new Pirates of the Caribbean update, and unlike some event-specific inclusions, the Ocean Crawlers float over into the main Sea of Thieves content as well.

These are separate from the usual Ocean Crawlers and offer different rewards, mainly gems for trading.


They're also rather more difficult to defeat.

One has electro-shock attacks, for example, and they can attack on land or sea.

Here's everything you need to know about defeating Sea of Thieves' new Ocean Crawlers.

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Sea of Thieves Electric Ocean Crawler

The electric Ocean Crawler, or Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler to use its official name, surrounds itself with electric energy and zaps you if you get too close.

This one's best taken care of with ranged attacks, unless you want to get the special White Flame that only accompanies death by electrocution.

Sea of Thieves Crab Ocean Crawler

If a Crab Ocean Crawler pops up in a group, take it out first. They'll summon a shield that protects other Crawlers around it.


That said, they take a bit of effort to crack. You'll want to bait them into attacking and then launch your own attack right after dodging for the best chance to breach its defenses.

Sea of Thieves Hermit Ocean Crawler

The Hermit Ocean Crawler is the most difficult of the bunch. It's fast, has a poison breath attack, and typically seeks you out for a fight.

Like the Crab, though, dodging its attack leaves the Hermit open for your own assault.