All Sea of Thieves Sailor's Grave Journal Locations

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Looking for the Sea of Thieves Sailor’s Grave journals?

With new Sea of Thieves updates come new Captain’s Journals to find, and the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover is no different.

You’ll have the usual five journals to find for the Sailor’s Grave Tall Tale, and you get some free outfits at the end so you can save your booty for elsewhere.

Most of the journals are grouped close together, but they’re easy to overlook if you aren’t paying attention.

Here’s where to find all Sea of Thieves Sailor’s Grave journals.

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Sailor's Grave Journal 1

The first journal is near the cursed captain, and while you could ignore him, you'll need to free the cursed captain for one of the later journals anyway.

Go ahead and do that, then take the path to the left of the cage. You'll end up at the ship's rear, and the first journal is on a table near the chess-playing skeletons.

Sailor's Grave Journal 2

The second journal is near the tavern. Head there, go up to the deck, leap across the gap, and grab the journal from the table with a candle on it.

Sailor's Grave Journal 3

Leave the tavern, and walk down the path until you reach a split. Turn right, then follow the path to a ship.

This journal is on a bookshelf next to a reading skeleton.

Sailor's Grave Journal 4

You'll need the cursed captain's head for this one.


Carry it to the lighthouse near where his cage was. Cross the bridge once it's raised, then just climb the stairs and get the journal from the bookshelf at the top.

Sailor's Grave Journal 5

This one is locked until the end of the Cursed Captain's tale. You'll need to have summoned the ferryman's ship and reach the point where the captain asks you to take him to his ship.

It's the one with red sails, so it's pretty hard to miss. Once you reunite the captain's head with his body, grab the last journal from the nearby bookcase.

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