Rumbleverse crossplay - Is Rumbleverse crossplatform?

The world of Rumbleverse.

If you're playing the game right now, you should know how Rumbleverse crossplay works. From playing with your friends to beating up opponents from all around the world, there are plenty of reasons to figure it all out. If you really want access to all the community has to offer, this is what you should know.

Being entirely free to play, having a big and steady launch was incredibly important for Rumbleverse's long-term growth. This is how crossplay works, alongside some needed information on multiplayer, platforms, future updates and so much more.

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Rumbleverse crossplay explained

Rumbleverse has full crossplay from launch. This means, no matter what platform you play on, you can play along with your friends. As well as this, it has cross progression from platform to platform, meaning you keep your account regardless of platform.

Rumbleverse crossplay explained
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If you no longer want to play with other platforms, you can simply go into setting and turn it off from there. This means you will only play with others on your platform. If you play on PS5, you will still be matched with PS4 players.

Rumbleverse platforms

As of right now, Rumbleverse is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. It's important to have a big launch and Rumbleverse launching on so many different platforms is certainly a step in doing so.

As of right now, there is no confirmation of a Nintendo Switch, Stadia, or Mobile launch.

Is Rumbleverse coming to Nintendo Switch?

Though we have no confirmation of a Nintendo Switch release yet, it's certainly not impossible. As it's an incredibly popular console, it makes sense for an eventual release. This being said, the Nintendo Switch is a relatively underpowered console so putting the game on there means reworking it a little.

It seems likely it will eventually come but it may take some time. Outside of natively running the game on the console, if it ever comes to Google Stadia, there's a chance we could see a streaming version of the game.

Though not that popular, some big games have come to Nintendo Switch purely through streaming. As Rumbleverse is an online-only game, you will need a good connection to keep up with your opponents anyway so it may not be a horrible idea.

This all being said, recent cloud streaming releases haven't been very well-liked on Nintendo Switch so we'll have to wait and see.

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