Redfall skill trees - Best to unlock

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Redfall: Multiple characters are running to an unknown creature

This article will tell you about the best skill trees to unlock in Redfall. Skill trees in games are a definite plus, as players can diversify the gameplay according to their play style. The newly released Redfall also has this feature, which serves as a really cool mechanic for players.

To slay enemies more efficiently, you'll need to upgrade your character. Read this guide carefully and follow the instructions to understand how to do so!

What are the best skill trees to unlock in Redfall?

The Redfall skill trees in the process of being unlocked.
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The maximum level you can reach in Redfall is 40. Accordingly, you will be able to gain 40 skill points, but you will not be able to master the entire tree, as some positions require more than one skill point. Therefore, you need to distribute them correctly. Each of the characters has their own tree, so to help you get started, we'll show you the skills you can develop from the start with only one skill point per upgrade.

Here's a detailed guide to choosing the best skills for each character:

Layla Ellison

Layla is one of the main characters in Redfall. If you play in a team, her telepathic skills will help you cover the team during the battle. The best place to start in the tree would be the following positions:

  • Quick Recovery - Increase the amount of health regenerated when low.
  • Rain Collector - Damage done to the Umbrella refills Layla’s standard ammunition.
  • Time After Time - Jason fights for longer before leaving.
  • Psychic Sharpening - Using your lifts, you and allies gain a bullet damage boost while in mid-air.
  • College Diet - Layla recovers a bonus amount of health by eating food.

By levelling up these skills from the start, you can easily protect and heal your allies, especially if you've used an ultimate to help you buy time to do so.

Jacob Boyer

Jacob, a former special forces sniper, must be played with precision and ease. Here are the skill sets that will help you do so in the beginning:

  • Early Bird - Raven recharges faster.
  • Vicious Strike - Attacks made when cloaked deal additional damage.
  • Transfusion - When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, Jacob is healed for a decent amount of HP.
  • Melee Training - Jacob deals increased melee damage.
  • Long Gunner - Additional storage for Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle ammo.

With these skills, you will be able to recognise the enemy faster and establish communication with your team. Also, in emergency situations, you will have more ammo and time to retreat or reload if you kill an enemy.

Devinder Crousley

The Inventor is the best choice if you play solo. If you like aggressive and fast-paced gameplay, this character will be perfect for you. Level up the following skill to kill vampires with ease:

  • Shock Lance - When the Arc Javelin hits an enemy, it releases an immediate electrical pulse.
  • Ion Exchange - When you Translocate, enemies near the Translocate beacon swap places with you.
  • Light Therapy - You and your allies in range of the Blacklight heal over time.
  • Muck Abou - Receive more support from salvaging gear.
  • Vampire Slayer - Additional storage for Stake Launcher, Flare Gun, and UV Beam ammo.

Levelling up these skills will help you move quickly around the map and always have a good supply of ammunition with you. In case of an emergency, you can teleport away from enemies and heal yourself and your allies.

Remi de la Rosa


Remi is an experienced engineer who can easily help your team fight off crowds of enemies with the help of his robo-assistants and a big pile of explosives. To play the role of this character perfectly, you need to develop the following skills:

  • Self-repair - Bribón continuously heals during Siren.
  • Quick Assembly - C4 Charge recharges faster.
  • On Your Feet - Mobilise restores more health in its initial pulse.
  • All Up In - Remi deals extra damage against humans at close range.
  • Quick Recovery - Increase the amount of health regenerated when low.

This starter build is for a healer if you don't have one on your team. Remi is the best fit for the role of healer, as many of her skills are aimed at restoring HP and will help you a lot in combat. But don't worry - in addition to healing teammates, you will be able to deal devastating damage to enemies.

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