How big is the Redfall map? - Redfall map size analysed

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Redfall open world

Redfall features a fully explorable open world to facilitate your vampire-hunting adventure across both single-player and co-op modes. But just how big is the Redfall map? Against classics like GTA 5, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Skyrim, size matters - but content is king.

Arkane Austin also developed Dishonored and Prey (2017); two games that boasted large maps. But the worlds of those games are nowhere near as big as what Redfall is set to offer. Before you talk about how big Redfall’s map is, we recommend checking out our Redfall preview. Waiting for other Bethesda games, too? check out the recent Bethesda Developer Direct.

Redfall map size - How big is it?

Arkane revealed in one of the official gameplay deep dives that Redfall’s map will be bigger than any of the studio’s games to date.

For comparison, Prey (2017), which was also developed by Arkane, had Talos One as its setting. Talon One was approximately the size of five American football pitches at around 27,000 square meters.

Redfall open world area
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Redfall’s map is bigger, but without exposing a rough idea of the total size, the developers insisted that size isn’t everything, instead simply promising that the Redfall map will offer the same level of environmental storytelling as it did with its other projects.

The studio has also promised that the gameplay experience for Redfall will be very different from what Dishonored or Prey offered.

Stealth and tactical gameplay defined Dishonored, and it looks like Redfall will go for a guns-blazing approach. Redfall is a co-op experience at heart. It seeks to incentivize playing with friends.


The game world can also be experienced as a solo player, but a lot of the skills and upgrades are catered towards a party set up so you might want to get a friend or two to tag along.

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