Redfall enemies - All monsters revealed so far

A giant monster fights with characters in Redfall.

A giant monster fights with characters in Redfall.

The upcoming game from Arkane Studios allows you to fight various enemies and in this article, we will provide you with a list of all revealed enemies in Redfall. They are divided into a few types, and you should learn as much information about them as possible.

Vampires and their servants can perform various attacks, and you need to know the best strategies to counter them. So, we will also tell you about the behaviour of these enemies and their typical movement patterns.

Common enemies in Redfall

Enemies in this game can be divided into four types, so we are going to start with the common foes. These monsters can be encountered everywhere in huge numbers.

Multiple characters are about to fight with a monster in Redfall.
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Well, it’s hard to call these enemies monsters, but don’t think that they are just weak humans. In fact, cultists are well-armed and use various automatic weapons and even sniper rifles. Although, the aiming skill of the average cultist is not really good.

Cultists are probably the weakest enemies in this game due to their lack of survivability. You can end the life of such an opponent with a single headshot. However, when they are encountered in large numbers, they may be quite dangerous.


Bloodbags are humans turned into vampire-like creatures. Basically, they are mutants covered with blood blisters. They are used by vampires as blood generators of some sort. As for the combat, they will try to get as close to you as possible and explode. So, stay away from them and use your guns!


We finally get to the vampires. These are common enemies that you can encounter everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Actually, even the weakest vampires can dodge your shots and deal tons of damage in melee.

In order to kill such a monster, you will need to hit it several times, and then land the final blow right in the heart. Some weapons allow you to one-shot vampires, and don't require you to make their hearts vulnerable to your attacks.

There are other enemies we’ve seen in the trailers, but we don’t know much about their abilities or weaknesses.

Multiple characters are about to fight with a monster in Redfall.
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Elite enemies in Redfall

Elite enemies are unique vampires or monsters that are stronger than common foes. They can use various skills and are hard to take down, likely cropping up as bosses.

The Angler

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The Angler is a female vampire who moves fast and is able to fly. We don’t have much information about her abilities, but it seems that she is able to throw some kind of psionic grappling hook.

The Shroud

This thin vampire is fast and able to cover everything in darkness. You are unable to see anything through this veil. Also, the Shroud can throw some magical projectiles.

The Rook

This champion of the Vampire Gods can be summoned by his masters if you kill too many of their servants. The Rook is quite slow compared to other vampires, but he makes up for this disadvantage with toughness, strength, and survivability.

Underbosses in Redfall

These are mini-bosses that you can encounter in every neighbourhood. You’ll have to kill such a vampire to secure the area and get a special skull. Their forms and abilities are unknown, but it seems that they can possess different skills. For example, such a vampire may have magical shields.

Vampire Gods in Redfall

Vampire Gods are the main bosses of this game. We don’t know much about them, but they can be accessed with the help of the skulls we mentioned in the previous paragraph. In the trailers, these gods look tough, strong, and threatening. Also, they can summon the Rook.

These are all the Redfall monsters and enemies we know so far! As you can see, each of them has its own niche. Stay sharp and kill them at the right time, as the last thing you need on the battlefield is all of these enemies put together.

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