Do you need internet connection to play Redfall?

Multiple characters are about to fight a flying creature in Redfall.

Multiple characters are about to fight a flying creature in Redfall.

There are lots of Arkane Studios fans who would like to know if you need an internet connection to play Redfall. In this article, we will give you the answer to this question, and even back it up with quite a reliable source.

The co-op mode in Redfall will of course require you to have a stable internet connection, given it hinges on collaborative play online. But what do Bethesda and Arkane Studios say about the single player mode, where you roam around solo? Let’s take a closer look at the official FAQ, which tells us some interesting information.

Multiple characters in Redfall.
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Do you need an internet connection to play Redfall?

Unfortunately, you need to have an always-on internet connection to play Redfall.

Yes, you must be online and connected to the Redfall servers, even if you don’t want to join other players in the co-op mode and prefer to play solo. Here is the official FAQ that you can find on the Bethesda website. It says that the game requires a persistent Internet connection for both single player and co-op.

The website states that "a persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op." This suggests there won't be a future update to resolve this, removing the always-online requirement.

So while the game can be played in single player mode, it still requires a stable internet connection the whole way through. Therefore, you may be better off just biting the bullet and playing Redfall in co-op, as it is intended to be experienced. Of course, if you don't have a squad to slay vampires with, solo play will still work.

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