Is Redfall open world?

An image of a warped, twisted vampiric creature with multiple limbs looking out over the open world of Redfall.

An image of a warped, twisted vampiric creature with multiple limbs looking out over the open world of Redfall.

If you're wondering whether there's a Redfall open world to explore, we've got the answer. Arkane Studios’ games are known for their open world style, though they’ve never quite committed to a fully open world before. Fans of the studio might be wondering, then, whether Redfall is going to stick the open world landing/

Redfall is a first-person shooter that will be coming to the PC and Xbox Series X|S on May 2, 2023, and will be available on Game Pass day one. With that in mind, players want to know whether there's a big sandbox to explore once they try out the game.

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Is Redfall an open world game?

We can confirm that yes, according to the official gameplay deep-dive, Redfall is an open world game that promises to deliver Arkane Studio’s “largest setting ever.” While its previous games have had a Deus-Ex style non-linearity, such as Deathloop’s explorable districts, Redfall promises to push the previous design pedigree to the extreme.

Redfall promises to be a large, open world style town full of places to explore, with safe house style bases taking the place of your usual settlements in the open world. From these hub areas, you’ll be able to swipe up missions from survivors which will give you direction in Redfall’s vampire infested streets.

To take on these objectives, you and up to four friends can saddle up to Redfall as one of four vampire hunters; Jacob, Layla, Devinder, and Remi, each with their own unique abilities from undead-slaying gadgets to telekinetic spells. While you can customise each of these hunters, they each have their distinct backstories and personalities to them.

What types of missions are there in Redfall?

While we don’t know exactly what variety of missions you’ll encounter in Redfall's open world, we did get a hands-on preview of the game where we infiltrated a Vampire Lord’s Manor. The gameplay deep-dive also shows a survivor heading to a lighthouse to turn it back on and warn people away from the infested island.

Ultimately, you can expect your standard open world fare, with a wide variety of enemies during your missions to keep things exciting. As such, you'll have plenty to do in the Redfall open world!

Interested in finding out more about Redfall? If you’re wondering where exactly you’re able to pre order Redfall on PC, our guide to its day one Game Pass release has more details.

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