Can you play Redfall single player?

The player character pointing a gun in Redfall.
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

The player character pointing a gun in Redfall.
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Redfall has been shown off over the past few years with a focus on cooperative gameplay, but can you play Redfall single player?

Redfall, the latest first-person shooter from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios, will finally be coming to PC and Xbox consoles on May 2. It supports co-op multiplayer for up to four players, which is a new feature for the Prey and Deathloop studio. But fans also want to know if they can enjoy the action solo.

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Is Redfall single player?

The answer is that yes, Redfall can be played as a single player game. While the trailers for the title have featured the cooperative aspect among the four survivors, the game can be played solo and other players are not required.

“A huge emphasis for Redfall has been the solo experience, in keeping with Arkane’s passions,” said Redfall co-creative/studio director Harvey Smith in a Bethesda blog post. “All the games we’ve made overlap in a bunch of creative ways, though no two are exactly alike."

Smith explained that while Redfall is an open world game, it can be played solo with any of its playable characters. Playing by yourself will simply change the experience from a pure action title to something a little more subdued, such as using stealth to scope out any potential battles and then figuring out if you want to start the fight with an advantage or move on.

A group of survivors staring down a vampire in Redfall.
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Will Redfall be a completely solo experience?

Players who choose to go solo will be completely alone as well, since there will be no AI teammates to replace the other playable survivors. This could be a blessing for some who hate when CPU-controlled teammates inevitably get in the way or fail to follow commands.

It also will not force players to have to find human teammates, whether matchmaking or via looking for group threads. Players will be able to explore Redfall at their own pace and tackle the objectives without dealing with other players' behaviours.

That's it for our look at whether Redfall can be played in single player! For even more on the game, find out whether Redfall is coming to Game Pass or try out some of the best free FPS games while waiting for May.

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