When does Shroodle evolve into Grafaifai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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Grafaifai, the evolution of Shroodle, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Wondering when does Shroodle evolve into Grafaifai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? The graffiti-loving poison monkey thing was one of the last Pokemon to be officially revealed ahead of release. What we didn't know before then, though, was that Grafaifai is the evolutionary form of another Pokemon - Shroodle.

Now that the games are out, we're coming across Shroodle in droves, with most wondering "does "Shroodle evolve" before committing to the motion of tossing a ball and raising the weak-looking critter. To put your mind at ease: it does evolve. Here's when.


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When does Shroodle evolve into Grafaifai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Shroodle evolves into Grafaifai at level 28. It's not a late bloomer by any stretch of the imagination, but it's an evolution you won't see until around the middle of your adventure throughout Paldea.


It was a little weak prior to this, so training it will be tricky. Instead, consider sending other Pokemon out into battle in its place and have it reap the rewards of shared experience points.

This can be made a little easier in the last few levels before evolution as Shroodle learns U-Turn at level 25. Toss it into battle, U-Turn out, and train it up that way. That's only if the first Pokemon used in battle still gets slightly more experience points than the rest.

Is Shroodle good?

Early on, Shroodle isn't that helpful in battle. Having access to Acid Spray and Bite can make it easier to train on Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon, but it only takes a random Psychic-type move to take it down. Acid Spray is bested by Poison Fang at level 14, which should have more stopping power thanks to Shroodle's higher ATK stat.


At 21, Slash comes in to put that to better use with its high critical hit rate capable of tearing through defensive buffs.

Once it evolves, Grafaifai becomes a potential sweeper with its above-average speed. Its movepool doesn't change much, but access to Acrobatics, Poison Tail, and Swords Dance, and U-Turn can make it a champ in the making.

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