Pokemon Scarlet and Violet money farm tips - How to get money fast

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A nugget over two images of Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Looking into how to get money fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Unless you're churning through Pokeballs and not weakening your target, you won't run into money issues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for a while. But when you do, it can be hard to get out of the struggle.

Down below, we'll quickly go over some money farming methods those with the game early have figured out. They're relatively straightforward strategies, but you'll have to wait until you're quite far into the game to make proper use of them.


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How to make money fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

According to Reddit user u/Jamak2001, who played the game early and compiled a very useful inventory list of each major shop in the game, there's one very easy method for farming currency in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - raids.

Though any raid you take part in will prove to be a decent source of income, it's specifically those in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game you'll want to aim for.


Beyond offering Herba Mystica you can use for farming shiny Pokemon and making perfect sandwich recipes, five star raids offer EXP candies, crafting materials, and things like Ability Patches - which can both earn and save you lots of money in the long run.

Of course, you'll get a lot of cash just for completing them, too, which you can then spend on some items that have traditionally been very hard to acquire.

It's worth noting that the currency you get from raids isn't the Pokedollars you use in most cases. Instead, you get League Points. These function much like Watts from Pokemon Sword and Shield, but you can use them in most of the vendors that offer items used in competitive play.


We'll have more money-making tips for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet soon. Until then, check out how to get Nature Mints, how to evolve Finizen into Palafin, and what level Charcadet evolves as well.