Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game content - Is the Battle Tower back?

Entei and Tyranitar battling in Pokemon.
December 28, 2022: If you want some help with the post game, check out these EXP Farm Locations and Herba Mystica locations.

Though they often offer dozens of hours of content before the final showdown against the region's champion, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game content is looking a little thin pre-release. If you're banking your purchase on how much Scarlet and Violet end game content their is, you might be disappointed. Here's what we know.

Traditionally, Pokemon games have featured activities like the Battle Tower as post game modes. It's a place that allows you to battle in competitive ruleset environments against AI opponents, giving the rush of a big tournament without the stress of it as well.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game content - Is the Battle Tower back?

In a disappointing twist, it looks as if there is no Battle Tower in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Naturally, that means there's no grand return of the Battle Frontier, either. No Battle Park from Diamond and Pearl, no Battle Subway from Black and White - nothing like that.

Though far from confirmed, enough people have their hands on the game pre-release to more or less assure us that there's no Battle Tower waiting for league champions to jump into once the credits roll in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

That doesn't mean nothing changes once you become the league champion, though. You do unlock a few things at the end of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's main story - namely the Academy Ace Tournament.

The Academy Ace Tournament is this game's answer to both Pokemon League rematches and the Crown Tundra tournament introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield's final DLC.

You won't be able to choose who you battle in these short contests, but you'll go up against four random trainers, many of who were important faces in the main story: like gym leaders, elite four members, and rivals.

Competing in these battles will presumably award more League Points than most other activities in the game, which you can then use on competitive items like the Ability Patch and Ability Capsule.

Lastly, we know that five star raids open as part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game push. These are an essential way of getting Herba Mystica you can use to help farm shiny Pokemon in these new games, so they'll be well worth trying out.

And that's about it for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post game content. At least until the Scarlet and Violet DLC comes out, that is. There's always an idea of what that expansion will offer, but we'll wait for more official confirmation before we start talking about it.

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