What does Cheugy mean in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Clavell in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
November 28, 2022: Have you helped Clavell get down with the kids yet?

What does Cheugy mean in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Director Clavell probably doesn't even know. We'll get this out of the way now: Cheugy is not some Pokemon you haven't heard of, so don't worry there. It's not quite that exciting, but we'll dive into the brief history of cheugy down below.

The new Pokemon games have plenty of little bits of terminology that may take you a little while to understand. With new Pokemon, concepts, and mechanics, there's so much to wedge into your mind, so you wouldn't be blamed for not understanding Cheugy.

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What does Cheugy mean in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Being taken from internet slang, it actually existed before the games but we'll have to guess what exactly Clavell could be getting at when he says it.

To put it simply, cheugy is essentially a way of saying something is outdated. Ironically, the term itself is pretty outdated. Generally speaking, think of what was popular a few years ago that is now seen as a little basic or common. This is cheugy.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it can be a little hard to understand what Clavell could be getting at. As the timelines of the games aren't very linear, you will have to guess what words or trends are outdated based on the language of the game's less cool character. New Pokemon are likely "In" and everything else is "out".

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He's an older gentleman who admits to not understanding the technology of today. He even comments on it when he gets unwittingly pulled into a gym leader's livestream, so his using words like cheugy long after they've come and gone in terms of popularity is something even older Pokemon fans can likely relate to.

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