How to switch characters in Pikmin 4

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The player character riding on top of Oatchi in Pikmin 4.

Looking to switch characters in Pikmin 4? Doing so allows you to harness different abilities, helping you bypass obstacles or get to areas one of the other characters wouldn't be able to reach. You can play as both your own customisable character and an extraterrestrial dog, Oatchi, but how do you choose between them?

In this guide, we'll break down how to switch characters in Pikmin 4. We'll break down the specific instructions you need to perform the change, while also outlining the specific benefits that each one has.

The switch character menu in Pikmin 4.
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How do I switch characters in Pikmin 4?

Switching between the player character and Oatchi in Pikmin 4 is really easy. At any point while you're playing, simply hold down the Y button to bring up the circular hub menu. Look at the bottom option on this wheel, and you'll see the Switch menu. Select it and hit A, and you'll swap over to playing as Oatchi.

Doing so comes with plenty of benefits in Pikmin 4. Oatchi is much more versatile than the player character, even if he can't directly command Pikmin and give them orders. Instead, he can jump over obstacles, and also swim through water once enough skills upgrades have been purchased. Best of all, Oatchi's charged attack lets him deal plenty of damage to enemies, something the player character can't do.

To switch back once you're done using Oatchi, simply repeat the steps above to take control of your customisable space cadet once more. It's as easy as that. You'll then lose those unique utilities for Oatchi, but regain the ability to control Pikmin and recruit new forces to your team.

That's all for our guide to switching characters in Pikmin 4! For even more on the game, read up on how to rewind, how to customise your character, and how long a day lasts in Pikmin 4.

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