How long is a day in Pikmin 4?

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Oatchi and a group of explorers in Pikmin 4.
Credit: Nintendo

Knowing how long a day lasts in Pikmin 4 is key to success. If you want to safely evacuate Olimar and the rest of the Rescue Corps from the planet they're stranded on, you'll need to maximise your time each day.

Similar to previous entries, players will be able to explore the world during the daytime. Nighttime isn't completely wasted in Pikmin 4, with the brand-new Night Expeditions debuting, however, you won't get to roam around the planet in this mode. In this guide, we'll explain how long a day is in Pikmin 4, and each of the different phases you may encounter.

The player character riding on Oatchi the dog in Pikmin 4.
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Credit: Nintendo
Day go by in a flash in Pikmin 4

How long is a day in Pikmin 4?

In Pikmin 4, each day lasts a total of 15 minutes and 2 seconds. This makes days in Pikmin 4 slightly shorter than its predecessor, Pikmin 3, played on normal difficulty (18 minutes).

You'll be able to track how much time has passed via the Sun Meter, which gives you an estimated time you have until nighttime arrives.

Here are how long each day phase lasts in Pikmin 4:

  • Full day - 15 minutes and 2 seconds
  • Half day - 7 minutes and 1 second
  • Sunset - 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • Countdown - 30 seconds

When you reach half day, a short tune will play and the Sun Meter will slightly glow, alerting you that you're running out of daytime. In some worlds, the weather conditions also change, allowing you to explore previously inaccessible areas during the second half of a day.

Sunset will always last a total of 90 seconds. This should be your final warning to start wrapping things up for the day, however, don't feel too pressed to the point were you should drop everything you're doing at head back to your ship.

Once the countdown starts, this is were you better should consider heading towards safety up, as you'll have 30 seconds to return to your ship.


The last ten seconds will have a big counter right in the middle of the screen. Clearly, Pikmin 4 will give you plenty of notice so you don't get caught off guard.

There you have it! We hope this guide helps you in your journey. For more content, check out every item in Pikmin 4. We've also got a look at the best gear and items to use in the game, as well as how to customise your character.

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