All Oatchi upgrades in Pikmin 4

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Oatchi in

Let's go through all Oatchi upgrades in Pikmin 4. This adorable dog is your main companion throughout the game, and while you can't upgrade your player character specifically, Oatchi can earn a bunch of upgrades to make him more efficient on your travels.

In this guide, we'll go over every Oatchi upgrade available in Pikmin 4, alongside what they do and how to unlock them. This should serve as a base of knowledge to get the most out Oatchi.

All Oatchi upgrades in Pikmin 4

There are quite a few upgrades for Oatchi the dog in Pikmin 4. They are all worth grabbing eventually, as they will diversify the way you play the game. You can see them all below:

Upgrade Name Effect
BuffIncreases Oatchi's strength to that of 10 Pikmin
Super BuffIncreases Oatchi's strength to that of 100 Pikmin
SwallowOatchi swallows items to transport them, instead of dragging them along
ChompLets Oatchi bite enemies or hanging items, with subsequent upgrades making Oatchi's Chomp ability stronger
RushLets Oatchi charge at enemies or obstacles when charged up
Mega RushAllows Oatchi's Rush attack to stun enemies and reduce their HP
Doggy-PaddleOatchi can swim in water, moves faster with subsequent upgrades
JumpAllows you to sit on Oatchi's back and for him to jump, getting you to higher terrain
PluckOatchi can help the player character in picking Pikmin seeds from the ground
DigOatchi can burrow at mounds of dirt
HealOatchi auto generates HP when damaged
CommandCan command Oatchi to go to specific locations, be it your base or your current location

Some of the best upgrades are Buff, Super Buff, and Heal. These will all allow you to go for longer and make Oatchi a much better companion in combat. This being said, you should get everything available to you as they will all help. The game gives you more than enough resources to grab most of them, so make sure you purchase them as you can.

The Oatchi training menu in Pikmin 4.
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How to upgrade Oatchi in Pikmin 4

Of course, first of all you'll need to know how to upgrade Oatchi in Pikmin 4. To do so you'll need to use Pup Drive tokens. These are a specific type of resource that can only be earned when rescuing castaways, with one token per person rescued. Of course, since the main objective of the game is to rescue your colleagues, these rack up pretty quickly.

Once you're in the open hub world, go and chat to Shepherd, captain of the Rescue Corps. She'll offer you the chance to train Oatchi, pulling up a menu of all those available upgrades. Then simply choose the upgrade you want to unlock, and spend your Pup Drive to add it to Oatchi!


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