How to increase maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4

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A group of Pikmin fighting a fire enemy in Pikmin 4.

If you're looking to know how to increase maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4, you've likely got to your Pikmin limit and you're struggling to move forward. Getting more Pikmin gives you more firepower in a fight, and will allow you to move even bigger items. Needless to say, it's worth investing in.

In this, we'll go everything you need to know if you want to upgrade your Pikmin capacity, from how to get the necessary resources to why you should plan the time to do it. If you find yourself struggling in some of the later areas, this should help you out a lot.

How to increase maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4

Like previous Pikmin games, you you have a pretty restrictive limit of Pikmin that you will be taught to upgrade as you get into the game. That said, you can artifically inflate your Pikmin limit in Pikmin 4 without upgrades by grabbing them in caves. When you get a Pikmin found in a cave, they will follow you around regardless of your limit.

If you are looking to permanently upgrade your Pikmin limit, you can use Flarlic to do so. These can be found out in the wild, and can be brought to the Onion to give you 10 more Pikmin to use. They can also be stacked to give you a greater maximum limit. Generally, you should grab them as soon as you see them, as you aren't penalised for having a greater limit of Pikmin at one time.

Each time you grab a Flarlic, which is usually hidden towards the end of caves or in especially enemy-heavy parts of the open world, you'll be able to permanently add to your maximum Pikmin capacity. Just make sure you're recruited enough to fill that quota!

With that you know everything you need to about the maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4. If you're looking for a little more information on the game, here are all items in Pikmin 4, how to rewind in Pikmin 4, and all side missions in Pikmin 4.

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