Does Pikmin 4 have co-op?

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Pikmin 4 co-op gameplay, showing a group of Pikmin huddled around the dog Oatchi.
Credit: Nintendo

If you're a player that looks forward to new games so you can enjoy them with someone else, you might be wondering whether Pikmin 4 has co-op. The Pikmin series isn't particularly known for having a lot of multiplayer functionalities. Pikmin 1 launched with none and Pikmin 2 only had versus modes for players to enjoy, with the main story remaining a complete single-player experience.

While the original release of Pikmin 3 was also mostly a solo-player affair, the Deluxe edition that came out on Nintendo Switch in 2020 added local co-op for the main story, giving fans hope that Pikmin 4 will implement that feature right from the get-go. So, will Pikmin 4 feature the much requested co-op option for the main story? Let's find out.

Does Pikmin 4 have co-op?

We're happy to report that Pikmin 4 does feature co-op for the main story. Sadly, it isn't quite up to par with what Pikmin 3 offered.

In Pikmin 3, you and a friend could team up and control two separate characters and their very own Pikmin, making the game super engaging for both players. In Pikmin 4, co-op works differently.

Pikmin 4 image featuring plenty of characters from the game
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Credit: Nintendo
Pikmin 4 will have co-op

How does Pikmin 4 co-op work?

Instead of controlling a second character, player two will be stuck using an on-screen pointer. You'll be able to interact with enemies by throwing pebbles, which will leave them stunned.

Player two will also be able to use items available in player one's inventory, making it a more seamless experience. This sort of co-op reminds us of a classic Nintendo 64 gem, Jet Force Gemini. Instead of having split-screen co-op, players could control Floyd, a small flying robot companion that followed the main character around and assisted him in several ways.


Some fans will understandably be disappointed with how co-op works in Pikmin 4. Hopefully, Nintendo listens to their pleas and adds a more in-depth version of the feature in a future update.

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