Overwatch 2 skins - Lost skins issue and account merge solution

Overwatch 2 skins.

Overwatch 2 skins.

Having issues with your Overwatch 2 skins not carrying over? If you played Overwatch at any point in the last six years, you probably wanted your Overwatch 2 skins collection to mirror what you had in the original game. Blizzard made it possible through the account merge system, but it hasn't been without its problems, with the Overwatch 2 lost skins issue popping up soon after launch.

If you've finally managed to log into Overwatch 2 just to find that your Overwatch skins are missing, you're not alone. Though it does appear to be an isolated issue, it's a problem nonetheless. Here's what we know about it, what Blizzard thinks of it, and how to fix it.

Before all that, though, check out a few of our other Overwatch 2 pages. We've pieced together an Overwatch 2 tier list which even includes team compositions for the new 5v5 format. And if you're struggling with the Overwatch 2 server errors, we have those noted down as well.

Overwatch 2 lost skins - Why are my Overwatch 2 skins not carrying over?

Assuming you successfully merged your Overwatch account to the sequel, you should have seen your original Overwatch skins present in the new game. If you've poured through the Heroes/Hero Gallery pages just to find that your Overwatch 2 skins didn't carry over, it's hopefully only a temporary setback from the DDoS attacks.

Though Blizzard hasn't acknowledged the issue just yet, it's only a matter of time before the Twitter comments convince the company that it's relatively widespread. Because of that, it's best to just wait. There's likely nothing Blizzard customer support can do.

Just don't go thinking it's game over for your skins and stats. They'll all still be on the servers somewhere and likely just haven't transferred over yet. Once the server issues blocking people from getting into the game are solved, slightly less important issues like Overwatch 2 skins not carrying over should resolve over time. Just think of it as a priority system that's just playing catchup now.

Right now, it appears as though the Overwatch 2 lost skins issue is limited to console players. Many are reporting that their PC skins are present but their console ones are not. Many on the Gfinity Esports staff have noticed the same issue as well: PC skins are there, but console ones are not.

Overwatch 2 skins when they've been transferred over.
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Overwatch 2 locked characters - Why can't I play old characters?

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Another issue of the slow Overwatch 2 account merge progress is that some players who properly linked their Overwatch accounts to the sequel are still being asked to unlock characters that were previously available to them.

If you've noticed that you can suddenly no longer play someone like DVA without unlocking her, and you successfully merged your Overwatch account to Overwatch 2, you're probably better off waiting a day or two until things resolve themselves.

It takes around 100 hours to unlock the original Overwatch roster (everyone but Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn). That's more time that it'll likely take for Blizzard to resolve the lingering issues with the global Overwatch 2 rollout. So save yourself the time and effort by using that time to play something else while you wait. There's nothing else you can do.

While you wait for the Overwatch 2 data issues to be resolved, why not play a Blizzard game that's causing a stir for other reasons? Our Diablo Immortal tier list can get you started. The legendary gems tier list can help you a little later on as well.

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