No Man's Sky - Dreadnought AI Fragment

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No Man's Sky crashed ship site
Credit: Hello Games

Many new features have been recently introduced to No Man’s Sky with the Interceptor update, giving you a lot to do in the game. Among all the new items and resources, players are racing to find Dreadnought AI Fragment, a valuable crash site radar.

The Dreadnought AI Fragment is a powerful tool in No Man’s Sky, and it will make your exploration of the latest update much easier.

This guide will explore how to find and use Dreadnought AI Fragment in No Man’s Sky. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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How to find Dreadnought AI Fragment in No Man’s Sky?

No man's sky echo locator interceptor update
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As Dreadnought AI Fragment is introduced in the Interceptor update for the game, you can only find this item in Dissonant Systems. These systems are plagued by darkness, consisting of corrupted planets and Sentinels. Dreadnought AI Fragments are rewarded to the players for destroying the Corrupted Sentinels on these planets and taking on their ships.

Follow these steps to obtain the Dreadnought AI Fragment:

  1. Go to the nearest Dissonant System and find an inhabited Corrupted Planet.
  2. Find the Corrupted Sentinels on this planet and provoke them.
  3. Fight the Sentinels and take them until you clear all these enemies. You will acquire further resources by harvesting their crystals.
  4. Go to space and fight against a wave of Sentinel Interceptor ships.
  5. Take on the Sentinel Capital Ship as your last challenge to complete this mission.
  6. Once the Sentinel Capital Ship is defeated, you will be rewarded with a Dreadnought AI Fragment.

Using Dreadnought AI Fragment in No Man’s Sky

The Dreadnought AI Fragment is a pretty useful item in No Man’s Sky worth adding to your collection. You can use it to find interceptor ship crash sites throughout various Dissonant Systems in the game.


The latest update in the game brought many new features for us, including an entirely new set of ships that can be added to your fleet. These Sentinel interceptor ships can be found across the Dissonant Systems and recruited once you install a Pilot Interface in them. Once you have found a Dreadnought AI Fragment, you can use it to start locating the ship crash sites.

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