No Man's Sky - How to get Dioxite

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No Man's Sky Dioxite
Credit: Hello Games

There are hundreds of resources in No Man's Sky that players will have to find at some point or another. While the game's opening hours do a decent job of explaining where to find the most basic of resources, you will have to explore for dozens of hours to discover some of the rarer resources in the galaxy.

One such resource that has given players fits over the years is Dioxite, which is crucial to crafting certain blueprints and refining rarer materials, such as Phosphorous.

Dioxite was originally added to No Man’s Sky as an attainable resource in the NEXT update in 2018. While this update was primarily focused on the addition of a full multiplayer experience, the base building was also completely fleshed out with the update as well. This is where Dioxite mainly comes into play, as it's used in several base blueprints that players will need to survive the elements of whatever planet they’re on.

To see exactly where you can find Dioxite and what it’s used for in No Man's Sky, check out the guide below.

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Finding Dioxite in No Man's Sky

As with several other resources in No Man's Sky, Dioxite can only be obtained through extracting.

Usually, Dioxite will be found in large mineral deposits or simply in mining plants and other materials. You can use your Analysis Visor to identify minerals and see if they contain Dioxite before mining them.

The deposits, on the other hand, will require you to use your Terrain Manipulator or Mineral Extractor in order to extract it from the ground. You will know when you have found a Dioxite deposit if it looks dark blue and has a shiny coating to it.

Of course, that was probably not the information that you are looking for when it comes to Dioxite. If you wish to find these deposits and minerals containing Dioxite, you will likely have to look at planets with frozen environments. Traditionally, planets featuring cold temperatures will be blue, both on the ground and while viewing them from space.

Unfortunately, there's no concrete way to ensure you will find a planet with a frozen environment. You must keep warping to new systems until you stumble upon a planet that supports Dioxite.

Luckily, there are other ways of obtaining Dioxite in No Man's Sky. For starters, you can refine Dioxite using other resources. Here are all of the refining recipes that result in Dioxite:

  • Sodium Nitrate + Carbon/Condensed Carbon
  • Ammonia (2) + Ferrite Dust/Pure Ferrite
  • Salt + Frost Crystal (2)
No Man's Sky Dioxite
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Credit: Hello Games
Dioxite can only be mined on frozen planets.

Finally, if refining isn't your cup of tea, you can always try your luck with vendors at space stations. However, this is the least successful way to acquire Dioxite, as the vendors won't always have Dioxite for sale. It's worth a check, however, if you stumble upon a station first before finding a frozen planet.

The uses for Dioxite in No Man's Sky

Dioxite has several uses in No Man's Sky, starting with the ability to recharge both your Hazard Protection and Life Support. In addition, it can be used to refine several different materials, including Ferrite Dust, Phosphorous, and Frost Crystal, among others.

Lastly, Dioxite is a crucial ingredient in the following crafting blueprints:

  • Frostwort
  • Grantine
  • Thermic Layer
  • Cyclotron Ballista
  • Thermal Buffer
  • Hi-Slide Suspension

And that's everything that you will need to know about locating and using Dioxite in No Man's Sky.

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