Best Modern Warfare 2 LMG - Which is best to use?

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Image showing Modern Warfare player holding LMG
Credit: Activision
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March 28, 2023: With Season Two Reloaded finally here, we've tweaked our information to showcase the very best MW2 LMG to use.

Light machine guns (LMG) in the Call of Duty franchise often receive a mixed reception from players loading into multiplayer.


Typically featuring a huge magazine and impressive damage output at the cost of mobility, the best Modern Warfare 2 LMG rarely features in the loadouts of players despite possessing plenty of qualities capable of making an impact.

With that said, what is the best Modern Warfare 2 LMG to use? Before we share the intel, be sure to check out our guide showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 guns list that includes the rest of the arsenal.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 LMG?


After using all of the LMGs in Infinity Ward's latest release, the HCR 56 and the RPK are leading the charge at the top of the category.

Armed with a huge magazine and a steady rate of fire, the RPK is perfect for patrolling a specific area of the map. Additionally, its lack of recoil makes it very easy for players to control in the heat of battle.

Alongside the RPK, the HCR 56 comes with superior mobility than others in the category which is hugely advantageous when navigating the map.


Modern Warfare 2 LMG tier list

S Tier HCR 56 RPK
A Tier556 Icarus Sakin MG38

Just like the previous Call of Duty titles, there's always a chance certain LMGs will stand out from the crowd whether it's due to high mobility or a damage output no other weapons can compete with. As mentioned above, the HCR 56 and the RPK are currently leading the charge.


As the game cycle progresses, we'll update our LMG tier list to reveal which are worth using and which ones to avoid.

Image showing Modern Warfare LMG on table surrounded by equipment
Credit: Activision

How many LMGs are in Modern Warfare 2?

Players can choose from a total of six LMGs when creating a loadout. With Season Two slowly moving into view, there's a possibility we will see a new LMG join the ever-expanding arsenal.


Once we have a chance to test the new arrivals, we'll rank them in our tier list so you know which ones are worth using.

When does Modern Warfare 2 Season Two start?

Despite a lack of information from Activision, the battle pass countdown suggests Season Two for MW2 begins on February 12, 2023. This is a while away so there's a chance the date may change in the coming weeks. If it does, we'll update the guide so you know when the new season gets underway and if there are new LMGs coming.

That's everything we know about the best Modern Warfare 2 LMG so far. Once the beta kicks off and as the Modern Warfare 2 cycle progresses through the seasons, be sure to check back regularly to find the very best LMGs to use. In the meantime, check out our guide showcasing all the Modern Warfare 2 maps.