Best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings

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Image showing Modern Warfare players fighting
Credit: Activision
Latest Update - October 3, 2022:

With the beta done and dusted, these controller settings are the perfect baseline to use when the full game comes out.

Once you're ready, check out the Modern Warfare 2 guns list to see which are the best ones to use.

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 isn't far away. Before the worldwide release in October, the Modern Warfare 2 beta is the first opportunity for players to get their hands on what Infinity Ward is working on. As with the previous Call of Duty games, finding a range of controller settings to suit your style of play is incredibly important.

For those using a controller, there are numerous settings you can change ranging from stick sensitivity to deadzones to ensure your input on the screen matches your controller. Although the game isn't out, some members of the community are already searching for the best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings.

Before we share the intel, check out our guides showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 guns list and intel on the Modern Warfare 2 maps making their way to multiplayer.

Table of Contents

What are the best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings?

Ultimately, the best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings come down to personal preference. Thanks to Vanguard, we already know a solid baseline for you to use as a starting point. Check out the table below for all the intel.

Horizontal stick sensitivity 6
Vertical stick sensitivity6
ADS sensitivity multiplier0.9
Custom sensitivity per zoomOff
Button Layout PresetTactical
Flip L1/R1 with L2/R2On if you play with a claw grip
Vertical aim (on foot)Standard
Aim response curveDynamic
Controller vibrationOff
Weapon fire thresholdOff

Modern Warfare 2 advanced controller settings

Once you've mastered the basics, turning your attention to the advanced controller settings is the next step when it comes to fine-tuning your pad for action. Here are the settings we recommend:

  • ADS sensitivity transition timing: Instant
  • ADS sensitivity multiplier: 1.00
  • Stick layout preset: Default
  • Controller orientation: Uo
  • ADS stick swap: Off
  • L2 button deadzone: 0
  • R2 button deadzone: 0
  • Left stick min. input deadzone: 0
  • Right stick min. input deadzone: 0
  • Left stick max input deadzone: 100
  • Right stick max input deadzone: 100

If you find your aim drifting without any kind of input, adjust the minimum deadzone until the drifting stops.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players holding guns
Credit: Activision

Best Modern Warfare 2 aim assist settings

Once the best controller settings are ready to go, sorting aim assist settings is the next step. Aim assist is vital for those using a controller due to the inability to input the same movements as a mouse and keyboard. Based on Vanguard, there's a chance Modern Warfare 2 will feature a total of four aim assist settings:

  • Default: Aiming will slow down near a target.
  • Precision: Stronger aim slowdown when close to a player. Recommended for accurate players.
  • Focusing: Strong slowdown that activates when missing a target. Ideal for Call of Duty newcomers.
  • Legacy (Black Ops): Alternate aiming slowdown near the target. If you've played more Black Ops Cold War than Vanguard and Modern Warfare, this will feel very familiar.

We recommend using Default or Legacy. The small amount of slowdown is enough to land shots onto the opposition during a match.

How to find the best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings

So you don't ruin your stats, we recommend jumping into a private match to tweak your controller settings in Modern Warfare 2. Select a small map and the Free For All mode with unlimited score and time limits and a handful of bots to familiarise yourself with the settings.

Once you feel ready to compete against other players, end the game and jump into the action!

That's all there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 controller settings. For more, check our hub for all the latest intel on the Modern Warfare 2 release date.