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gameplay shot of multiverses

gameplay shot of multiverses
January 24, 2023: made sure the list is up to date

The brand new platform fighter MultiVersus has just entered Open Beta! One of the unique things about the game is the Perk system. This allows you to buff up your characters as you play. There are a lot of them, so our MultiVersus perks guide will help you pick the best ones.

Each character has character-specific perks, as well as access to neutral perks to augment gameplay. We're going to rank the Neutral perks, since these ones are accessible to all characters.

While you're here, definitely check out our MultiVersus character tier list, as well as how to get an early access open beta key.

The Best MultiVersus Perks

Triple Jump, Speed Force Assist, Coffeezilla
Refreshing Ringout, Debuff Ability Refund, Aerial Acrobat, Stronger Than Ever, The Purest of Motivations, ...In a Single Bound, Leg Day Champ, Hit Me If You're Able
Gravity Manipulation, Fire Projectile, Theat's (Not) All Folks, Dodge Distance on Hit, Deadshot, Damage Boost on Debuff Hit, 'Toon Elasticity, Tasmanian Trigonometry, Boundless Energy, Fancy Footwork, Wildcat Brawler, Dodge Reflect, Slppery Customer, Painted Target, Collateral Damage, Ability Refund on Dodge, Vertical Damage Boost, Horizontal Damage Boost, Ice Projectile, Make it Rain, Dog!
Wonder Twin Powers Activate!, Shirt Cannon Sniper, Projectile Gray Healing, Ability Refund Getting Hit, Dodge Armor, Projectile Block,
Electric Projectile

This tier list ranges from S tier to D tier. Now one thing to keep in mind is that these perks are assessed in a vacuum, and can be better or worse based on who you're playing, who your teammate is playing, and what your matchups are.

Generally speaking, our S-tier perks are going to be ones that are the best, and offer the most power or versatility. At the moment, those are Triple Jump, Speed Force Assist, and Cofeezilla. These each provide baseline boosts to mobility or cooldown reduction, which make you stronger.

A-tier perks are super strong, definitely above the curve. Maybe not as strong as the S tier perks, but are definitely in the conversation when picking perks. These generally don't have massive requirements to gain the benefit, or if they have some bigger stipulations, the benefit is pretty darn powerful.

B Tier perks are your average perks. These may have some kind of decent benefit but may have some heavy requirements to gain the benefit. That being said, there isn't anything wrong with having these perks on board.

C Tier and D tier perks are ones that are ones that could be good but require some major stipulations. These requirements may not necessarily be consistently happening, or the benefits are not as massively impactful as higher-tier perks.

As these perks get buffed and nerfed and the beta period progresses towards full launch, things will change. So we'll keep this up to date as those things change.

And there you have it! This perk system seems very fun and offers a cool way to play the game how you want to. But if you're looking to dominate, you'll definitely want to keep tabs on this tier list. While you're here, also check out our guide on the confirmed voice actors in the game.

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