How to Get MultiVerses Open Beta Twitch Drops

July 19, 2022: Early Access Open Beta has started! The Twitch Drops Page is also Live!

We have recently a launch date for the MultiVerses Open Beta! It's going to be coming out on July 26, 2022. But players can gain access to the beta a week early on July 19, 2022, but how? Twitch Drops.

MultiVerses is a new platform fighter by WB Games, and features some iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. There will be 16 characters at launch.

We also have a list of all the confirmed Voice Actors in the game, so you can see who's voicing your favorites! Also, why not check out some Roblox Codes if you're into that, with some Anime Adventures Codes, and Slayers Unleashed Codes.

How Do I Get a Multiverses Open Beta Twitch Drop?

To get into the early access for the Multiverses Open Beta, if you didn't participate in the closed alpha test, you have to look to Twitch. According to the Director of the game, Tony Huynh, anyone with Early Access who is a streamer can enable Twitch drops for their streams. Stream viewers can earn an early access key for the game.

While we don't have full details around the exact process, we can guess that you'll need to have a WB Games account and may have to connect it to your Twitch. Then, hang out in a MultiVerses Stream that has drops enabled starting on July 19 and you'll eventually get a notification that you've earned a key. Then navigate to your Twitch Drops to claim the key.

Who are Multiverse Open Beta Drop Streamers?

Currently, WB Games hasn't promoted or partnered with any specific streamers for the Early Access.

Mrore than likely, there will be a Twitch category that you can find that should have streamers that you can snag a key from.

At the moment, there's some information about the Open Beta, including early access over on the MultiVerses website, as well as a page for Twitch Drops. We'll keep our eyes peeled to that page to bring you the latest on those drops as the information becomes available.

In the meantime, you should keep your eyes peeled here for all the up to date information about the game. Why not also check out some information about the League of Legends Global Star Guardian Event as well!

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