Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 zombies - Everything we know

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Modern Warfare 3 zombies with bus in background
Credit: Activision
September 26, 2023: The first MW3 zombies trailer has dropped! Find everything about Operation Deadbolt in our guide.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a hugely exciting prospect despite the undead never featuring in Call of Duty's modern-day series. The co-op mode originally developed by Treyarch remains popular and as attention turns towards Modern Warfare 3's release, there's a possibility of Zombies making a return.

Following the reveal event, numerous leaks and rumours have revealed a wealth of information on Sledgehammer Games' latest project. Ranging from the rumoured gun list to the return of a popular movement mechanic, we already know a lot of unofficial Modern Warfare 3 intel.

Before we reveal what Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has in store, check out our other guides showcasing the rumoured Perks list and whether Verdansk is returning.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies news

On September 19, 2023, the first cinematic trailer for Modern Warfare 3 zombies appeared, along with the return of Ravenov.

Does Modern Warfare 3 have Zombies?

Yes, Modern Warfare 3 will contain a Zombies mode! This is the first time a Modern warfare title has ever featured the undead and unlike previous years, it's slightly different. Here's what we know about MW3 Zombies so far:

  • PvE
  • Played on the Warzone Las Almas map
  • 24 players split into six squads of four
  • Pack-a-Punch, Mystery Boxes, and more are back
  • Exfil with rewards earned during a match
  • Storyline coincides with the Treyarch Zombies storyline
Modern Warfare 3 zombies with power substation in background
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Credit: Activision

As with all leaks, it's important to take them with a pinch of salt until Sledgehammer Games and the supporting studios share more intel at Call of Duty Next. Once more information appears we'll update the guide with all things MW3 zombies.

Is Modern Warfare 3 Zombies free to play?

No, Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is not free to play, meaning you'll need to purchase the game in order to experience the next chapter of the Dark Aether storyline.

This debunks any rumours suggesting Activision is planning to launch a free-to-play version of the undead-slaying mode.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Operation Deadbolt explained

Operation Deadbolt is the name of the Modern Warfare 3 zombies experience and is a continuation of the Black Ops Cold War storyline involving the Dark Aether. It turns out there was some accuracy to the leaks after all.


A nighttime military raid takes place where Viktor Zakhaev finds a vial filled with a mysterious purple substance.

Modern Warfare 3 zombies
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Credit: Activision

After securing the vials, the squad soon realise the local security forces have triggered the alarm and armed police are on the way. Outnumbered, Zakhaev throws one of the vials onto the ground, creating a cloud of purple fog.

The fallen soldiers quickly transform into the undead but there's enough time for Zakhaev and another squadmate to escape after a somewhat successful mission.

Afterwards, Soap, Kate Laswell, and Ravenov are briefing a player on Operation Deadbolt and the goal of not letting any undead out of the zone.

There you have it, that's all the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies intel so far. For more, our guides on Modern Warfare 3 SBMM and if Modern Warfare 2 weapons transfer over to the new game.

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