Does Modern Warfare 3 have SBMM?

Multiple characters with weapons in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

Multiple characters with weapons in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision
January 9, 2024: Find out if Modern Warfare 3 features SBMM in our guide.

Does Modern Warfare 3 have SBMM? That's a question already on the minds of players looking for intel on what Modern Warfare 3 has in store. SBMM often divides the opinion of fans and you'll definitely want to know if the next Call of Duty title has it.

We will explain to you what SBMM is, how it works, and why it bothers lots of players. You will find this knowledge useful if you continue to play various multiplayer games, as you will likely encounter this feature there as well.

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Does Modern Warfare 3 have SBMM?

Multiple characters with weapons in Modern Warfare 2
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Judging by previous iterations of this series, Modern Warfare 3 also features SBMM. So, you will be playing against those players with a similar skill level as you. This is unfortunate news for gamers who want to compete against people of varying skill levels and are looking for a more casual experience.

However, it’s a good feature for those looking for competitive matches where both teams are equally strong. Although, it does get frustrating when each match requires maximum concentration.

What is SBMM in Modern Warfare 3 and other games?

SBMM stands for skill-based matchmaking. This feature is a system that works with certain parameters that represent your in-game performance. This type of matchmaking connects players who play on the same level. So, everyone in your lobby is of a similar skill.

While it's annoying in casual matches, SBMM works extremely well in ranked modes where a competitive playing field is a key ingredient.

Can you disable SBMM in Modern Warfare 3?

This system annoys many gamers who want to play matches in which all players have different skill levels. These users claim that SBMM destroys the feeling of fun. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we cannot say if you will be able to disable this system or not.

Modern Warfare 3 has been released in early November and SBMM is definitely here to stay, for better or worse. But don't let that discourage you from trying to have fun online. And for an even better time, check out more of our Modern Warfare 3 guides, like Modern Warfare 3 has cross-platform capabilities.

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