Do COD Points transfer to Modern Warfare 3?

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare player wearing a ghillie suit holding a sniper rifle with a throwing knife flying towards them
Credit: Activision

There are lots of players who would like to know if COD Points transfer to Modern Warfare 3. This question is of interest to many fans because you can use the currency to obtain a wide range of items including weapon blueprints and new Operators.

Modern Warfare 3 is the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise and if you've got lots of points stowed away, you'll want to know if they carry over.

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Do COD Points transfer to Modern Warfare 3?

The character with a weapon in Modern Warfare 2
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You will be able to transfer your COD Points to Modern Warfare 3 just like you did in previous titles. Despite Activision not revealing anything yet, the ability to transfer COD Points from one game to another will feature in the new game.

In order to get these points, you will need to use the same account on the same platform, meaning you will be unable to transfer COD Points from Xbox to PC. Transferring points from PlayStation to PlayStation and Xbox to Xbox is perfectly fine.

What are COD Points and why do people want to transfer them?


COD Points are the in-game currency in Call of Duty games that you can purchase with real money. They can be used to buy various cosmetics and other features. So, of course, if someone has unspent COD Points on their account, this person will most likely want to transfer them to the next game.

So, it seems like you don’t have to worry about your COD Points unless you’re planning on changing your platform. However, if you don’t have COD Points at all, then there is nothing to be afraid of and you can spend your money on COD Points once Modern Warfare 3 is out in the open.

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