Minecraft Legends preload time and download size

The villager in Minecraft Legends.

The villager in Minecraft Legends.

The new Minecraft spin-off is out today, and we are going to talk about the Minecraft Legends preload time and download size. This is a very important topic for those who have pre-ordered the game and want to play it as soon as it comes out. Internet speeds and usage caps still apply around the world, so it's good know what you're getting into.

Also, you have an opportunity to preload the game even if you haven’t pre-ordered it. Let’s take a look at what the famous Game Pass service offers to its users. As it's a first-party game for Microsoft, it's included in your Game Pass subscription from day one. We can't say the same for potential Minecraft Legends DLC in the future, however.

Minecraft Legends preload time

Well, the answer to this question depends on the platform you want to play the game on.

The preload should be available for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch right now. We are actively monitoring the situation with PS consoles. So, we’ll let you know if the developers or Sony give us any information about preloading on this platform.

Also, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, and yes, you can preload it on that service. So, if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, then you should be able to download Minecraft Legends right now.

Two characters somewhere in the forest in Minecraft Legends.
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What is the Minecraft Legends download size? - Storage requirements

The answer to this question also depends on your platform. Of course, the PC version requires more free space than, for example, the Nintendo Switch version. Here is all the information we have so far about the download size of Minecraft Legends:

  • Xbox Series X/S - 7 GB
  • Nintendo Switch - 6.6 GB
  • PC - About 10 GB in Microsoft Store, but Steam recommends that you have 24 GB.
  • PS4 / PS5 - We will update the PS download size information when it becomes available.

The preload is already available on multiple platforms, as the game is going to release in a few days. Soon we will be able to fight on the battlefields of the Minecraft world and protect our realm from the invasion of Piglins!

And if you are looking for more information about this game, feel free to read our guide on whether Minecraft Legends is coming to Steam Deck. For more guides, check out our article on how to pause in Minecraft Legends or our list of all Minecraft Legends units revealed so far.

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