Can you play Minecraft Legends offline?

Two spirits in Minecraft Legends.

Two spirits in Minecraft Legends.

The release of the new strategy game is getting closer and we are going to tell you if you can play Minecraft Legends offline. This question bothers lots of gamers, and people are trying to find the answer by comparing this spin-off to Minecraft Dungeons.

So, let’s take a look at the information we have at the moment and try to figure out our chances of getting a single-player or offline mode in Minecraft Legends. Though there is one way to play the game offline, it isn't a feature you'll want to rely on.

Can you play Minecraft Legends offline?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot play Minecraft Legends offline. It requires an online connection to launch, and will boot you out if you lose connection during gameplay. Though you can play through multiple modes on your own, a persistent internet connection is required at all times.

Traditional Minecraft, though it runs through a launcher, does include a button to enable offline play. Why Minecraft Legends doesn't include the feature is unknown, but it isn't the first time a spin-off of the franchise has followed in the footsteps of most big releases of modern times making an internet connection a requirement for single-player experiences.

There has been an instance where the game failing its Cloud-based check-in process would cause a 'Play Offline' option to appear, but this doesn't seem to be easily repeatable.

Multiple zombies in Minecraft Legends.
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The most likely explanation for Minecraft including offline play is that it shipped with it at a time when it was perfectly acceptable. Before Microsoft bought the IP, it was an indie release with nothing to gain from always-online requirements.

Rather than impose the modern enforcement on the millions who bought the original game with offline play included, Microsoft instead opted to include it in subsequent releases instead.

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