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Multiple characters in Minecraft Legends.

Multiple characters in Minecraft Legends.

No PC game can ever escape the eye of talented modders. And with Minecraft being poked and prodded by establishing tinkerers and enthusiastic amateurs for a decade now, Minecraft Legends mods are all but certain to start arriving in droves.

We're going to pay attention to different aspects of Minecraft Legends that can be improved with mods until more begin to surface. With negative user reviews suggesting the game isn't quite living up to expectations right now, mods could improve the situation.

Are there any mods for Minecraft Legends?

Unfortunately, there are no mods for Minecraft Legends at this moment. The problem is that the game just came out and mod developers haven’t created anything yet.

We don’t know what modifications may appear in the future, if they're routinely possible, or what exactly they're do, but we'll keep an eye out and list any prominent ones here as they surface. But we can spitball some ideas.

Zombie in Minecraft Legends.
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What do we want from Minecraft Legends mods?

The new game receives negative feedback due to a lack of content and monotonous gameplay. Modders can do a lot of fundemental changes in the meantime, and here are our assumptions on what they can add to Minecraft Legends:

New enemies

Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons both have an impressive bestiary, but Minecraft Legends doesn't quite have the same level of diversity. Modders may add new creatures to Minecraft Legends and even new enemy types that don’t belong to Piglin Hordes.

More unit types from the franchise

Another group of mobs that needs some updates is the units you control. These creatures could be more diverse. For example, you can control Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers, but it would also be nice to command Slimes, Wolves, Spiders, or Snow Golems. All of them are popular mobs and they can be added with the help of mods.

More buildings and defensive structures

Minecraft Legends is a strategy game, and buildings are one of its most important elements. You to use your resources to create various towers or traps and upgrade them, so with the help of mods, more of these structures could be added to the game.

New bosses

At the time of this writing, Minecraft Legends has only four bosses and they are quite similar. Two of them are defensive and prefer to stay in their fortresses, while the other two are attackers who assault your base.

It would be nice if mods added some roaming bosses or creatures that have completely different fighting mechanics, and not just another big and strong Piglin.

Looking forward to any news related to mods for Minecraft Legends! And if you are looking for more information about this game, make sure to check our guide on how to defeat the Beast boss in Minecraft Legends. And if you want to read more guides, ceck out how to defeat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends and how to activate the first golems in Minecraft Legends.

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