What kind of game is Minecraft Legends?

A group of characters on horseback together in Minecraft Legends.

A group of characters on horseback together in Minecraft Legends.

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Minecraft Legends is soon to be released on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. But, many players gamers are still left wondering what Minecraft Legends is.

With a new game genre, Mojang has developed a new way of telling the Minecraft story. This new iteration is sure to be a hit with veteran and new players alike with the success of the previous game. But, the shy away from the classic formula may make this sequel to the classic a little harder to engage with.

What kind of game is Minecraft Legends?

The original game fit into a very rigid survival and crafting genre, which worked well to bring in millions of players looking for either a world-building or boss-hunting adventure. But with Minecraft Legends, Mojang is straying from this tried and tested formula with Minecraft Legends as a real-time action-strategy game.

Especially with the new real-time strategy elements, which are crucial to the gameplay, Minecraft Legends is very different to the original.

With a focus on fighting enemies while collecting the materials needed to spawn in both new and familiar units to stand at your side, this game focuses more on the lore of the Piglins, ushering you to fight them relentlessly. There's no time to stop and build a nice home for yourself.

Though there are light crafting and gathering elements, you're only ever crafting pre-made structures that either unlock new abilities or help in your efforts to defend villages from piglins while you take the fight to their own strongholds. You can do this with friends in co-op, or you can pit players against each other to see who can come up with the best strategy.

So if you're looking for another reason to jump into the world of Minecraft to build to your heart's content, Minecraft Legends probably isn't worth a shot. It requires constant focus and strategic thinking, which is far from the stress-free environment Minecraft Creative Mode players have sunk hundreds of hours into the franchise for. If you didn't gel with Minecraft Dungeon for that reason, this likely isn't what you should have been waiting for.

That's it for our look at what type of game Minecraft Legends is! For more on the game, read up on how to unlock the Big Beak Bird mount, as well as where to find Diamond in Minecraft Legends.

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