Is Minecraft Legends a sequel to Minecraft Dungeons?

The character and multiple villagers in Minecraft Legends.

The character and multiple villagers in Minecraft Legends.

Is Minecraft Legends a sequel to Minecraft Dungeons? That's a question spreading among fans, and they'll only go under a finer microscope when players get their hands on the latest franchise spin-off. Here's a quick look at the current theories. That's all they can be until the game is in the hands of amateur Minecraft sleuths.

Maybe you haven't thought about it just yet, but the die-hard Minecraft community out there are certainly wondering if the two Minecraft spin-offs are connected to each other. Or, better yet, if the two are connected to the base Minecraft game as well. It's a tricky subject. And while you certainly don't need to play one to enjoy the other, we all love a good easter egg to think too hard about.

Is Minecraft Legends a sequel to Minecraft Dungeons?

At the time of this writing, there isn’t much connection between Minecraft Dungeons and the new game. They look like completely separate spin-offs. But there are some connections can be made through gameplay.

The developers of Minecraft Legends claim that the events taking place in this game are not canonical to the rest of the franchise, but that doesn't mean there isn't a connection - just that the events might not carry into the next game.

There are enough references to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons in Minecraft Legends to loosely link the three. For example, in one of the in-game cutscenes, we can see that high-ranking Piglins use the Orb of Dominance. This artifact is present in Minecraft Dungeons, and although it isn't given a name in that first moment, the camera focuses on it in a way that suggests the developers expect driven Minecraft fans to recognise it.

A settlement in Minecraft Legends.
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Because the game even begins with the Hosts of the world in Minecraft Legends recruiting a hero going through the motions of mining stone in a cave, there's enough there to assume that Minecraft Legends takes place in a unique world, but the Hosts have the ability to travel to the regular Minecraft dimension.

Combined with the fact that Minecraft Dungeons takes place in the same universe as Minecraft, it can be assumed that the Orb of Dominance used by the Piglins in Minecraft Legends is the same as the one shown to be rebuilding itself in Minecraft Dungeons.

Presumably upset by their inability to conquer the Overworld of their own land, the Piglins somehow open a portal to the world of Minecraft Legends, with the creators of this world then using a similar world-hopping power to pull a hero from Minecraft/Minecraft Dungeons to the world of Minecraft Legends.

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