Global Fraud answers and guide for Like a Dragon: Ishin

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School Teacher: Yes, of course, let me introduce him. I asked him to help out with the class today as my apprentice. Global Fraud answers for Like a Dragon Ishin
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Like a Dragon: Ishin is the latest release in the long-running Yakuza series. One of its many substories involves you teaching a class of students about geography, so you might want to prepare with our Like a Dragon: Ishin Global Fraud answers. The game doesn't make this easy, so don't be afraid to use a guide!

There are currently 72 substories to complete in Like a Dragon: Ishin. These can vary though, from helping a shut-in to find the confidence to go outside, to laying a dog to rest under a cherry blossom. If there's one thing for certain, it's that you're unlikely to know which direction the story is heading in!


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School Teacher: And they want me to explain how to use it, so as to teach their children about the world.
He just wants to help his kids!

Global Fraud guide for Like a Dragon Ishin

The schoolmaster can be found in the Rakunai area of Kyo. He will be standing outside of his school worrying about his class, where you can interact with him.

The location of the Global Fraud substory in Like a Dragon Ishin
You can find him here

The School Teacher will explain to you that the parents of his students have recently bought a globe for him to use in his lessons. This way, he can teach his kids about global geography. There's only one problem: he has no clue about geography, and the funding for the school depends on it!

Once you agree to help him out, you'll find yourself sitting on the floor of his classroom in front of three students. They will ask you three questions to try and prove your knowledge to them.

Global Fraud Answers

The correct answers to their questions are as follows.

  • Japan
  • The Great Qing
  • Country 4

If you answer all of these correctly, the teacher will confess to his students that he doesn't actually know the answers himself. The students appreciate his honesty, and they promise to learn together! Upon completion, you will receive European Fabric and 300 Virtue.

That's it for our Global Fraud quest guide in Like a Dragon: Ishin. For more on the game, read up on the best fighting styles, as well as as how to use Prize Tickets in the game.