How to use Quartz in Lies of P

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Pinocchio in a dark library in Lies of P.
September 19, 2023: Now the game has fully released, check out how to use Quartz in Lies of P!

Only the most skilled in the ways of Lies of P combat will be worthy of the great and valuable resource, Quartz. This will generally be found on the bodies of the elite enemies you encounter on your journey through Krat, so it must be valuable. We'll let you know just what to do with it with our guide on how to use Quartz in Lies of P!

Set in the ruined city of Krat, Pinocchio embarks on an epic journey to become a real boy in a story that is far removed from the original Disney tale. Featuring a dark, Belle Epoque era-inspired setting, complex combat mechanics and an immersive narrative, it's a game you'll struggle to put down.

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The P-Organ skill tree from Lies of P
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Credit: Lies of P
Play that organ music, puppet boy

How to use Quartz in Lies of P

Given the significant obstacles you need to overcome to get your hands on some precious Quartz, you'd certainly hope that it's worth your time. Fortunately it is, as this rare resource can further unlock Pinocchio's potential in a number of areas. In order to make use of it, you'll have to save your poor father.

After rescuing Geppetto from the grasp of the Stalker called Mad Donkey, you'll be able to speak to him in his office, where you will find a peculiar machine surrounding what resembles a barber's chair. It seems to be quite an advanced device for the time, evident in the electricity surrounding it. It is here that you can access the P-Organ.

The P-Organ is a five-tiered skill tree that will activate Pinocchio's latent abilities. You'll need to work through the tiers one-by-one to acquire some of his most advanced abilities, but they're worth the effort.

In order to upgrade P's abilities, you will need Quartz. Once you have found some Quartz, you can take it back to Hotel Krat, head up the stairs and around to Geppetto's office, and activate the P-Organ. From here, you can decide which ability you want to activate, as well as a passive boost that you can add at the same time.

That's how you use Quartz to your advantage in Lies of P! If you want to get an even greater upper-hand over your adversaries, find out how to upgrade your weapons and level up in the game!

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