The Last of Us PS5 - How to turn on the generator in the sewers

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Image of Joel driving a car in The Last of Us Part I.
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The Last of Us Part I isn't a puzzle game by any means, but that doesn't stop it from occasionally leaving you stumped. One of the biggest challenges is discovering how to turn on the generator in the sewers, which Joel does alongside Ellie, Henry, and Sam. Fortunately, we've got all the details you need!

In this guide on The Last of Us Part I, we'll explain how to turn on the generator once you're in the sewers. Doing so is crucial to progressing once you're in the Pittsburgh sequence, so our pointers are here to help if you've gotten a bit stuck.


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Image of Joel turning on a generator in The Last of Us Part I.

How do I turn on the generator in the sewers in The Last of Us PS5?

Once you're in the sewers in this remake of The Last of Us, it's crucial to turn the generator on. With the generator on, you'll have the power required to keep progressing through the dingy underwater level. As Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam progress through, it's the only way to keep on going.


The challenge starts as you enter the main atrium of the sewer. The big door is on your right alongside a lever, but it won't budge. In front of you is a deep body of water, with a walkway on the other side.

Start off by diving underwater, and swimming across to the right-hand side door. You'll see a pole trapping it under the water surface, so yank it out by pressing triangle.

Then one of your troupe will turn the lever opening the right-hand door. Swim through into another pool of water, and climb up the rocky steps onto a concrete platform. There's a ladder to the left which you need to head up next. On this raised level is a wooden plank, hanging over the water. Drop it into the water and head back down.


Next is something you'll already be familiar with. Head back into the water, grab the plank, and swim it over to Ellie. Then drop her off at the walkway opposite to where you first started. She'll hop off and turn on the generator, restoring power in the sewer.

the last of us part 1, generator

With the generator on, it's time to keep progressing through the sewers. It's one of the puzzle-based moments in The Last of Us Part I, which makes solving it even more rewarding.

That's all you need to know about turning on the generator in the sewer in The Last of Us PS5! But of course, there's so much more to the game than just that. Read up on how to find the keycard earlier on, as well as whether the game is coming to PS4 or not.