Is The Last of Us remake coming to PS4?

Image of Ellie pointing a gun in The Last of Us Part I.

Image of Ellie pointing a gun in The Last of Us Part I.

Will there be a release of The Last of Us remake on PS4? Aptly titled Part I, this remake rebuilds the 2013 original and 2014 remaster from the ground up. With such sweeping changes across the board, will it make its way to PlayStation 4? We've got the answer!

In this The Last of Us Part I guide, we'll break down whether the remake is releasing on PS4. We know for certain that it launches day one on PS5, but those unable to get their hands on Sony's latest console may still want to experience Joel and Ellie's story all over again.

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Will The Last of Us remake release on PS4?

Unfortunately, it seems that The Last of Us Part I will not release on PS4. Ever since its announcement at Summer Game Fest 2022, Naughty Dog has billed it as a PS5-only remaster.

It's no surprise though, given just how different this version of the 2013 original is. On the game's PlayStation Store listing, it confirms that Naughty Dog used a game engine solely compatible with PS5. Therefore, even if the devs wanted to also port this remake onto PlayStation 4, it simply wouldn't be possible.

Combined with PS5-only features such as DualSense compatibility, 3D audio, and 60 FPS at 4K resolution, and Sony's last-gen console simply wouldn't be up to the task.

Of course it's not all doom and gloom, because PlayStation 4 owners can still relive the first instalment of Joel and Ellie's adventure. Released in 2014, The Last of Us Remastered improves the graphics and performance for PS4, alongside harnessing the DualShock 4 controller. On top of that, the 2020 sequel is perfectly playable on PS4, so players can still experience the story as it stands right now.

That said, it's very unlikely that The Last of Us Part I will ever be playable on PS4. It's incredibly rare for a game to receive two remakes on one console, and that likely won't be the case here. Fans of the franchise will either have to replay the PS4 remaster, or wait until the latest PlayStation console is more readily available.

It may come as bad news to some, but it ensures that The Last of Us Part I can fully harness the power of the PS5. As we progress further into the ninth console generation, expect more games like this that only release on newer systems.

That's it for our look at whether The Last of Us remake is coming to PS4! While it may be bad news, you can still play the new Saints Row remake on that platform. Check out how to play co-op with friends, as well as how to fast travel.

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