The Last of Us PS5 keycard location - How to find keycard

Image of the keycard in The Last of Us Part I.

Image of the keycard in The Last of Us Part I.

One of the most gruelling set pieces in Naughty Dog's hit game is finding the keycard in The Last of Us Part I. What initially seems a fairly innocuous task during the hotel sequence emerges as a claustrophobic quest to take out a hulking Bloater and plenty of Stalkers, while also finding a way to escape and reunite with Ellie.

In this The Last of Us Part I guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the tense keycard sequence. That includes how to find the keycard itself, how to take out the Bloater that hounds you, and how to use the card to actually escape.

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Where do I find the keycard in The Last of Us Part I?

The sequence with the keycard occurs a fair few hours into The Last of Us, as you've entered Pittsburgh. Joel and Ellie are ambushed in their car and forced to trek through an abandoned hotel to bypass a group of human hunters. In doing so, they're separated, leaving Joel to escape. To do so, you need to get past an electronic door, needing a keycard to get through.

You'll know exactly when this sequence starts, because Joel puts on his gas mask after seeing a bundle of spores in the decrepit hotel. This then opens up an arena that works as a loop, with crumbled ceilings you can climb up to access the second layer.

On the bottom floor, just by two open doorways and a crumbled ceiling path, you'll spot a generator. This needs to be switched on to allow the electric door to open. Simply follow the animations to turn it on, and the power within the hotel will turn on.

However, doing so also attracts the attention of a Bloater. These hulking infected are really hard to defeat due to their inherently high HP and one-hit kill ability. We recommend dealing with it straight away, before searching for the keycard. Spam it with nail bombs, molotov cocktails, and shotgun shells, and it should go down without too much trouble.

Then head back upstairs with the power on. Head to the right of the corridoor and go through the right-hand door, following it through one more right and then a door in front of you. In this room filled with TV screens, you'll find a keycard belonging to a man called Jack Sullivinsky.

Image of a burning Bloater in The Last of Us Part I.
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How do I use the keycard in The Last of Us Part I?

Once you've tracked down the keycard, things get a lot easier. Take it by pressing the circle button, and head back to the electric door on this top floor. Then head back to the electric door, which is on the top floor and notable due to the array of fungus lingering around it.

Press triangle to interact with the lock, and you'll be out of the firing zone. Joel takes his mask off, and you head to find Ellie once more. You'll never need the keycard again!

That's it for our guide on how to get and use the keycard in The Last of Us Part I! It's been one of the game's trickiest sequences for almost a decade now, so this should sort you out nicely.

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