Destiny 2 Kings Fall chest locations - secret chests and maze map

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If you are getting into the brand new, but not new Destiny 2 raid King's Fall, then we know what the first thing you're thinking about is, killing Oryx. The second thing you might be thinking about though is the secret chests in the raid. Rather than trying to try to locate them all, we're here to help. Our Destiny 2 King's Fall secret chest guide will walk you through each chest, with videos, to show you exactly where each one is.

As a little bonus, we have a map of Golgoroth's maze, which is where one of the chests resides. There's a total of three secret chests, four if you count the puzzle chest at the end of the raid, but we'll get into that as well.

If this is your first time going through King's Fall, then you might be interested in our King's Fall raid guide, which will give you the low down on each encounter. There's also handy individual encounter walk throughs that we have as well, such as our Oryx, the Taken King guide.

King's Fall secret chest locations

As we mentioned, there's a total of 3 main chests that you can get, which is also detailed in the King's Random triumph. But there is a fourth chest that will require a little bit of hunting, but we'll get to that later on.

King's Fall Secret Chest #1

The first secret chest is very early on in the raid. After the opening encounter, immediately after you traverse the massive chasm of Hive ships, you'll come to a large wall with a door that you need to ride a ship through. On the left side of the wall, you'll see a small door. Hop on the ship, and jump to the small lip on the side. Hug that wall as you walk up the slope, or if you have a sword you can use that to help. Once you're at the small door, two teammates will need to stand on the two plates on the platform you just came from to open the door. The chest is through that door. Once you've gotten the chest, proceed to the next platform and stand on the two plates for your teammates to now come through the door and get their free loot.

King's Fall Secret Chest #2

The second secret chest is after the Warpriest encounter. You'll drop down into a Maze leading to Golgoroth. This maze is filled with taken thrall and cursed thrall, as well as various death pits at certain intersections. There are also five plates that you need your team to jump and stand on in a specific order to open up the door to the room with the chest.

Map of Golgoroth's Maze in Destiny 2 King's fall with plate orders for the secret chest
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Above you'll find a map of the maze, along with the orderings for each plate. When you step on a plate in the correct order, it will glow green and you'll hear a large thud. Big thanks to FalloutPlays for this. One note for plate four is that you'll have to jump on one of the small pillars in the intersection, and up above the door to a small hole in the wall to access this plate. Once all five plates have been stepped on, the door in the center of the maze will open to the second chest. From here you can do a 180 and head straight to Golgoroth's arena.

King's Fall Secret Chest #3

The third secret chest is after the Golgoroth fight. You'll find yourself in a long amber hallway with pillars jutting out of the left hand sloped wall. You'll need to traverse your way down to the first set of platforms. The easiest way really to do this is to use an Eager Edge sword. Once there, pull out your ghost and look to the opposite wall. You'll see outlines of of invisible platforms.

To get these platforms to spawn, you just need to jump near them and they will appear at your feet. Follow the path in the video, to grab the final secret chest.

King's Fall Secret Chest #4

The fourth secret chest in the raid is one that's at the very end of the raid, but you'll have to do a little hunting to get it to show up. This chest is similar to the one in Vow of the Disciple, where you need to locate symbols throughout the raid to spawn an extra loot drop after you defeat Oryx.

In order to know which symbols you'll need to shoot, you'll need to head underneath the giant portal at the very beginning of the raid after the opening, and look up. There you will see three symbols on the underside of the platform. Note these three symbols. Here's a handy chart of the symbols (Thanks to Fallout again for this). We've added the text for the locations.

locations of symbols for secret chest 4 in king's fall
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As you go through the raid, you'll see little glowing panels on the walls of the areas noted. Shoot it to make the symbol appear. You can make the symbol disappear by shooting it again. You'll need to have all three symbols in the "on" position to get the chest to spawn at the end. Here's a little more detail on each of these.

  • Pendulums - When you get to the big pendulum platforming section after going through the portal jump on the first pendulum, and turn around. The plate is under the platform you were just on.
  • First Chest - After you loot the secret chest, turn around a look above the doorway.
  • Left Totems - In the left Totem room, go to where the totem was, and look up to where the boomer knight spawned. The plate will be to the right side of that platform. You may need to hop around on some of the terrain to see it well.
  • Right Side Warpriest - In the Warpriest room, head to the right platform where the plate is. You'll see some stairs there, head up them and when you come out of those stairs look immediately to the right.
  • End of Maze - At the end of the maze, before you head into Golgoroth's room, turn around. Look down into the big pit and you'll see the plate.
  • Golgoroth Cave - When you walk into Golgoroth's arena, drop down into the pit and turn around to your left. Go under the upper platform and you should see it tucked in a corner.
  • Third Chest - This one is on the wall just to the left of where the third secret chest is located.
  • End of Trancept - At the end of the long hallway with the pillars, before you go through the large door to proceed to the Daughters of Oryx encounter, look up to the overhang above the door.
  • Oryx Entrance - The last symbol is in the final arena. It's right above the door way that you entered the room from, so once there, turn around and you'll see it.

One final thing to note here about this chest. Sometimes there seems to be a bug or something where you shoot the right symbols and the chest doesn't appear. One thing you can try to do is if the symbol is in an encounter room, shoot the symbols after the encounter. It's possible that they could reset if you wipe. You obviously can't do this for the final symbol, but you should shoot this one before fighting Oryx, that way you can shoot it again if you wipe.

If you've gotten all the symbols, you'll see some text appear in the bottom left that says "The runes accept your offering". Once that's done, kill Oryx and your fourth chest will spawn. This chest guarantees you a deepsight raid weapon, which is great if you're trying to craft a specific roll. This can only be gotten once per week though so

And that's all that we have for you! This all can be done in one run if you're doing the raid for the first time each week and should give you some great loot. If you're looking for some more Destiny treasure hunting fun, definitely check out our guide to the Repressed Memories in Duality.

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