Can you change FOV in Immortals of Aveum?

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character using their shield in Immortals of Aveum
August 22, 2023: The game lands this week, so check out if you can change FOV in Immortals of Aveum?

Can you change FOV in Immortals of Aveum? Marketing first-person shooters in 2023 is a game of inches, and with EA’s latest release, Immortals of Aveum, being a drop in the ocean of modern FPS titles, players want to know the fine details of what it offers before rushing to purchase it. One such detail is the speculated inclusion of a FOV (field of view) slider.

A FOV slider lets you change how much of the game world is visible on-screen. Move it left for a closer view or right for a wider view. It's like adjusting binoculars to see more or focus on details. Certainly a handy preference setting for any modern FPS, but does Immortals of Aveum include it?

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the main view of the player character in Immortals of aveum
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Does Immortals of Aveum let you change FOV?

It is possible to change Immortals of Aveum FOV, but only on PC. The FOV slider feature was confirmed even before launch by Ascendant Studios through a Reddit AMA in July. This was in response to a user voicing concerns over potential motion sickness issues, to which Ascendant replied by confirming the inclusion of a FOV slider to help avoid this.

It’s always reassuring to know that accessibility is a high priority for a developer. A FOV slider will let players enhance comfort, immersion, or competitive advantage based on their personal preference and monitor setup, making this an excellent addition to a kinetic first-person shooter like Immortals of Aveum.

Why can’t you change Immortals of Aveum FOV on console?

This usually comes down to performance limitations. A higher field of view means more area for the system to render at any given time, so developers rarely bother to add the feature for consoles. Only a few very well-optimised games such as Destiny 2 manage to fit a FOV slider in the current-gen console versions.


Of course, this new is a bummer for all the PS5 and Xbox X|S players out there, but maybe with enough demand, Ascendant could be convinced to squeeze in the feature in a future update.

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