Hunt Showdown codes - Twitch drop steps and more (December 2022)

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Image of two soldiers in Hunt Showdown.
December 8, 2022: We checked for new Hunt Showdown codes.

If you're looking for some Hunt Showdown codes, we're here to help. The post-apocalyptic FPS from Crytek is as popular as even three years after its initial launch, leaving many players wondering whether codes exist. After all, who wouldn't want a freebie or two when playing their favourite game?


In this Hunt Showdown guide, we'll break down whether the game incorporates codes as a mechanic or not. It can be a confusing topic given how well-established and dense the game is, so we'll run through any codes that may exist, as well as how you may go about redeeming them. That'll make things nice and easy.

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New Hunt Showdown codes (December 2022)

As of right now, there aren't any working Hunt Showdown redeem codes. It seems like the game doesn't have a code redemption mechanic, unfortunately!


The following Hunt Showdown codes have sadly expired. These were most recently tested on December 8, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No expired Hunt Showdown codes.
Image of Nicholls Prison in Hunt Showdown.

How do I use Hunt Showdown codes?

Unfortunately, there is no code redemption method in Hunt Showdown. Rather than using codes to grant players with freebies, the game instead operates using Twitch Drops.

As such, you have to watch a pre-determined amount of official Hunt Showdown streams before gaining the promoted item teased by Crytek. It's a more time-consuming method compared to simply inputting a code, but encourages players to stay tuned into the game - quite literally.

Therefore, you'll want to follow the Hunt Showdown Twitch page and Twitter account, to see when it next goes live. That's how to snag some freebies.


What are Hunt Showdown codes?

Since Hunt Showdown codes simply don't exist, you'll instead want to learn about the sort of items granted through Twitch Drops. Luckily they tend to be fairly generous, dishing out a good number of in-game items.

Just recently, Twitch Drops have provided viewers with a new questline called Hunt - Billy Story and Stalker Beetle. By completing all the objectives once you've added it to your game, you've got the chance to unlock four new weapons, a new skin, and an accessory.


Expect future Hunt Showdown giveaways to operate on a similar basis: providing players the means of unlocking new items, rather than the items themselves. It encourages fans to dive back into the game, keeping the obsession alive!

How do I get more Hunt Showdown codes?

As mentioned, instead of codes you'll want to be paying close attention to when the next Hunt Showdown livestream is. Check the official Twitter page for details on upcoming streams and the requisite items, as well as the official website to boot. There's also a Discord server and Facebook page, which no doubt will also come in handy if you're hunting for the next stream.

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