How to get Majora's Mask in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Majora's Mask
June 12 - Here's how to get Majora's Mask in Tears of the Kingdom.

Just can't progress without knowing how to get Majora's Mask in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Who can blame you? The iconic headpiece from an equally iconic title can be obtained as a wearable item just as it could in the game that came before this one. Feeling confused? You won't be soon.

If you desire to acquire Majora's Mask for your collection, continue reading for a guide on how to find this sought-after item with a unique and powerful passive. Get ready for a tough battle. Obtaining the famous piece of memorabilia is no walk in the park.

What does Majora’s Mask do?

As mentioned in the mask’s description, when you equip Majora's Mask, you gain the ability to disguise yourself from most humanoid enemies in the game. This means you can walk through enemy territory and grab resources without arousing any suspicion.

This allows you to approach many of the game’s encounters in a completely different way. Therefore, while its defensive stat might seem low, it’s definitely a piece of gear worth having.

How to get Majora’s Mask in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Located in the Depths deep beneath Hyrule, Majora's Mask can be obtained in the Floating Coliseum. Getting to the Floating Coliseum requires you to head to the Depths using an opening located South of the X Skyview Tower. Once in the Depths, navigate to the following coordinates: -0708, -1551, -0517.

Within this structure, you'll face a series of battles against five Lynels. It is advisable to take on this challenging encounter later in the game when you have accumulated ample health, upgraded your armour, and potentially obtained the Master Sword. You can fight them without the sword of evil's bane, but it will make life easier.

The initial four battles should pose little challenge if you have prior experience battling these creatures. However, each one will be more difficult than the last.

How to beat the final Lynel in the Floating Coliseum

The final Lynel will present a more challenging fight. Its armour needs to be dealt with first, necessitating powerful strikes from a heavy weapon.

A trick you can use is to place a fast travel waypoint outside the Colosseum and leave and re-enter after healing up. This will allow you to control the pace of the combat and recover lost health and weapon durability. If you’re feeling lazy, you can also fuse arrows with ancient blades to completely disintegrate the Lynels.


They won't drop any of their powerful gear or materials if you banish them this way, but claiming Majora's Mask as your own should be reward enough. Upon triumphing over the Lynels, a chest awaits you, containing the coveted prize of Majora's Mask. Open it and claim your reward.

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