How to swap hearts for stamina in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom horizon with a sky island in the background
May 29 - You may want a little extra stamina to climb up the game's greatest heights.

Learning how to swap hearts for stamina in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will help you explore that huge world so much more easily. Given it is one of two central stats driving so much of the game, you need to carefully think about your setup. This guide will go over how to respec your character, so to speak, and when you should think about doing so.

Breath of the Wild was, ironically, a breath of fresh air for the Zelda franchise. Zelda Tears of the Kingdom represents a maturing of that formula, adding a robust crafting mechanic and new Sky Islands. There's so much in here to explore, if you have the time for it.

How to swap hearts for stamina in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Before you swap hearts, you should learn how to gain them. You gain Lights of Blessing by doing shrines, and you need four to unlock a brand new heart. This means you can get a new heart after your fourth shrine. Given there are tonnes of shrines in the game, you will have upwards of ten hearts in just a few short hours with that open world, provided you focus on these small puzzle areas.

From here, you have to complete a short quest to get the respec option. Go to the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing, where you will be given the "Who Goes There?" quest from an NPC.

This will send you straight through a passage, where you have to destroy rubble and hang to the right. You will eventually find an opening, pointing to the Horned Statue. You can give them a chunk of stamina or a heart and they will give you 100 rupees. You can buy back a heart or stamina after doing so for 120 rupees. This means swapping a heart for a stamina chunk or stamina for a heart will cost you 20 rupees. Given how easy they are to get, this isn't a bad price!

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