How to get good weapons early in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Link fighting in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
May 25 - Getting good weapons early on can make the start of Tears of the Kingdom much easier.

If you have started the game, you may be looking to know how to get good weapons early in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Given it is such a big game and it rewards creativity, so much of it is about exploring and finding unique combinations of items. Get into that big open world and start exploring!

In this guide, we go over how to get good weapons early, and the best way to get effective materials to fuse. Fusing is such an important part of the game so you should take advantage of it where you can.

How to get good weapons early in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Initially, you should look for strong weapons, until you figure out how to fuse weapons that work well for you. For this reason, you should use big towers to get into places like enemy camps, where swords and spears can be taken from defeated monsters. If you're feeling particularly confident, you can glide into Hyrule Castle and look for some top-level loot.

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Outside of this, you can run straight into encampments, loot some of their boxes, and make your way out without killing all the Bokoblins within. If this isn't your style, use the environment to get the upper hand on stronger enemies, in order to loot their weapons. Beating harder enemies is the single best way to get better base gear.

How to fuse good weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

More than just having a solid weapon, the best way to increase its power is by using Link's Fuse ability to add further attachments to it. These can alter the sort of attacking boosts available, or just increase a weapon's potency in battle.


Though rocks and hard objects are always pretty strong, you need a durable material to Fuse it onto if you don't want it breaking immediately. For this reason, you should aim to loot chests and kill strong enemies. This will give you great resources to take on the next batch of enemies with. Look out for Bokoblin Horns, which are great to Fuse onto weapons.

Generally speaking, your power will only grow throughout the game. As long as you're constantly on the hunt for new Fuse combinations and high-level loot after defeating enemies, you'll have no problems with combat.

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