HoloCure Amelia Watson Build Guide - Best Loadout

HoloCure Amelia Watson Build

HoloCure has so many different characters to play as. If you're playing the game and struggling, this Holocure Amelia Watson build guide should help you out.

As you might imagine, it's just the start of what you should know. As you continue to play the game, you should work out what works best for you.

If you've downloaded the game but want to play HoloCure on Steam, this is what you should know. If you're looking for a different build, our HoloCure Ina Build Guide will get you started quickly.

The Best HoloCure Amelia Watson Build

  • FPS Mastery
  • Bubba
  • Nurse's Horns
  • Study Glasses
  • Body Pillow
  • Shockwave
HoloCure Amelia Watson build guide - The Best Loadout
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Amelia Watson is at the very start of the first row of characters for a reason. She is a fantastic starting character. With decent all-around stats, easy-to-understand pickups and a basic attack, her learning curve is pretty low.

This also means you can play her in pretty much any way you want to. She is flexible and agile enough to get away when things go wrong. Unfortunately, the downside of this is she never really excels in any one thing. She can be a little harder to become overpowered.

This being said, there are definitely tonnes of ways you can play into her character well.

How to Play Amelia Watson in Holocure

Initially, Amelia Watson can only shoot sideways. This has a pretty huge downside when going further into the game. This being said, she can do quite a lot of damage. Make sure to get kills early to level up.

For Amelia, you want to boost up your speed, and almost entirely run vertically. You can do damage to the side and run past enemies you can't hit. This being said, a nice AOE attack or something with a wide range is worth investing in at the very start.

Games can be a little hard as you approach the end so there are a few smart ways to invest your points.

What Are the Best HoloCure Amelia Watson Weapons and Items

Amelia is someone who benefits from lots of attacks and buffs. Focusing on one path is decent for some characters but not great for her. Try and invest some points into items that grant you health or defense. Nurse's Horns grant you a little bit of health through kills, something that pairs wonderfully with FPS Mastery. Take out the small guys for a chunk of health.

Bubba can develop an AOE attack as you contiune to upgrade him, allowing tonnes of little kills as the hordes come towards you. Following this, Body Pillow and Shockwave will keep you safer for a little longer.

To top all of this off, Study Glasses nice and early will allow you to level up at quicker rates, something needed to get your DPS up. Grab as many weapons as you can, without thinking too much about it. You want to work on attack broadly, without committing to a specific style.

Amelia is great when she is running forward, swinging wildly in every direction - a true run & gun class.

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