What to do after beating Hogwarts Legacy – Post-game content guide

The character is flying on a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

The character is flying on a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 19, 2023: Here's what you should do after beating Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is an expansive RPG, but you will beat it sooner or later. Fortunately, there are a few interesting activities that you can do after you complete the main story quest. This guide will tell you what to do after beating Hogwarts Legacy.

In the game, you will still have plenty to do once the credits roll. So, let’s take a closer look at the Hogwarts Legacy post-game content!

For a few more tips and tricks, feel free to read our guide on the Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens locations. We've also got a look at how to get the Elder Wand, and how to beat the Pensieve Guard in Hogwarts Legacy.

What is there to do after beating Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is quite a long game, and it will take you some time to beat it. However, after you complete the main story quest, you will have a few different activities to engage in. Choose the one you like the most from the list below and have fun!

Hogwarts Legacy The House Cup quest

The House Cup quest unlocks after you complete The Final Repository, and it allows you to see the true ending of the game. So, you should start doing this task immediately after you unlock it. Also, it requires you to be at least level 34. So, you may need to get more XP if you want to start it.

Two characters are flying on pets in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Try to get the max level

The max level in Hogwarts Legacy is level 40, and you can’t get it by simply completing the main story quest. So, you will have to do various challenges and complete different side quests to receive more XP and reach this level.

Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy

There are lots of different challenges related to combat, exploration, collectible items, and more. If you complete them you will get various rewards, including XP. So, we highly recommend you pay attention to this post-game content to level up efficiently.

Side quests in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game and, of course, it has various side quests you can complete. There are more than a hundred of them, and you can find them everywhere. Also, your companions have Relationship Quests and you should pay attention to them as well to build your bonds with them.

The character is writing in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Collectible items in Hogwarts Legacy

You can see the range of collectibles in your Wizard’s Field Guide. They are divided into a few groups, and you should try to collect all of them to achieve proper 100% completion. Here is the list of Hogwarts Legacy collectibles:

  • Tools (10 total)
  • Beasts (10 total)
  • Traits (75 total)
  • Balloons (32 total)
  • Brooms (13 total)
  • Wand Handles (42 total)
  • Enemies (69 total)
  • Appearances (89 total)
  • Floo Flames (83 total)
  • Landing Platforms (20 total)
  • Infamous Foes (18 total)
  • Revelio Pages (150 total)
  • Conjurations (140 total)
  • Astronomy Tables (15 total)
  • Merlin Trials (95 total)
  • Ingredients (16 total)
  • Collection Chests (157 total)
  • Demiguise Statues (30 total)
  • Ancient Magic Hotspots (20 total)

Achievements and trophies in Hogwarts Legacy

Finally, the game has various achievements and trophies that you can try to complete. Some of them are quite challenging, so it may take some time before you manage to obtain them. There are 43 achievements in total, and if you want 100% completion or the coveted platinum, you'll need to grab them all.

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game and there are many different things you can do even after you complete the main story quest. If you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to get into the Headmaster's Office, as well as the Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statues locations.

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