Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Study quest – How to open Slytherin's door

A witch casting a spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

A witch casting a spell in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 18, 2023: Here is how finish In the Shadow of the Study quest.

There are many Hogwarts Legacy quests related to the four houses of Hogwarts, and the Slytherin ones are extremely difficult. Today, we will talk about the Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Study quest.

Salazar Slytherin is one of the grimmest and most enigmatic characters in the Harry Potter franchise. He used dark magic and created the most terrifying puzzles in Hogwarts. So it’s not surprising that the quest requires you to open a special door created by this wizard!

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How to open the Slytherin’s Door in Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadows of the Study quest

There are lots of puzzles you will need to solve in Hogwarts Legacy, and the one with the Slytherin’s door seems to be really problematic. Below you can see a screenshot with the solution.

On a basic level, you just need to light the three braziers near the secret door with your Incendio spell. You'll need to be quick, as they have to be lit at the same time. Once you unlock the Incendio talent then the task should be easier for you, as you will be able to light the two braziers with one cast. Overall, just practice a little and you will definitely open the door.

The player character lighting three braziers in a Slytherin quest in Hogwarts Legacy.
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How to open other doors in Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Study Quest

As we mentioned above, Salazar Slytherin created lots of difficult puzzles and secret rooms. After you open the first door, you will be able to enter the dungeon. Your companions will help you to open the next gates. However, you will also need to solve other puzzles and figure out how to open various doors in Slytherin’s dungeon.

All of them have the same mechanic that requires you to interact with special snake mechanisms. You will find them easily, because they look like two stone disk-like plates with snake statues above them. You can spin these plates, which have various symbols carved on them.

When you need to open a certain door, you have to find the mechanism that controls it. To do that, you need to look at the symbols on the door, and then use it as a corresponding password for the mechanism. Just spin the two plates until they have the same symbols as on the door. If you do it correctly, then the door will be opened.

You could guess by the name that Slytherin’s door won’t be a simple puzzle and we hope this guide helped you to solve it. If you want more guides, here's how to get the broom in Hogwarts Legacy and how to destroy webs in the game.

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